About Me

Are you over the striving? Tired of feeling like you are “not enough?” Perfection is something you want to reach because you believe that on the other side you will find your joy & worth.  You are trying so hard to be someone else that you are missing who God really created you to be. I am here to empower you to give yourself permission to say Hey! I can slow down, I can end the striving. I can take the time to invest in me, who I am in Christ. So I can show up in life right here in the middle being who I am

I want you to know I have felt that way too. I dealt with ………….. I know what it is like to be wife, mom and still feel like you don’t have it together. Because of my journey of learning to let go and truly find peace in knowing that I am enough in Christ and learning to show up in my life  right where I am . I am able to savor my journey quit the striving. I can now truly feel the abundance of God.

HEY!!  I am Karen and I want you to know you are not alone in your struggle with “Am I enough”

My mission is to inspire you to find your strength, confidence and Identity in who you are in Christ. Learn to remove the pressure of striving by simply accepting who you are right now.

Let’s show up right now where we are, embrace the strength we have, grow in our confidence. Let’s press forward and do life in the middle. Together. 

I am a Connecticut born and raised girl who now lives in New York, with my husband of 23 years, Doug, and our 4 kids.

Doug ~ He is such an amazing human. He adds so much to my life with his love for God and passion for people. He loves me so well.

My kids ~ Rachel, Emily, Jacob & Jeremy are amazing people who each have their own unique personality that adds so much spice to our lives. They are my heart.

When I am not busy keeping my tribe happy, healthy and alive you can find me hanging out in Starbucks writing in my blog or having 4 hour coffee dates with a friend, talking, laughing and drinking all the coffee.

I am passionate about living my healthiest life. I love to run. I have completed 4 half marathons all just for fun. Running is my place where I can be alone, clear my mind and get lost in my music and thoughts. Running for me is my best way to glorify God with my body and my soul.

Life for me is a process of many steps forward and some steps back, by no means has it looked perfect. I am seeking God, believing what He says about me and taking it one step and prayer at a time. And I want to inspire and motivate you to do the same!

Follow along as I share my life, love for fitness & food, some family fun, and the highs and lows of life.

Please remember that I am not a health and fitness expert. When I talk about nutrition, dieting, emotional eating and fitness, it is from my own personal experience and research. Do what is best for YOU and your dietary/exercise needs. Please turn to your doctor or professional for advice specific to your needs and body. I just want to share with you my life, experiences and what works for me. Hopefully, this blog offers you some tips, recipes or work-outs that you may want to incorporate into your life. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns.