Summer Fun


IMG_5319So the last three days I got to spend some time with these guys. I decided on a road trip to the Jersey shore (despite the fact my husband wasn’t able to go) I packed up 3 teenagers a tween and a 6 year old and off we went.  I know it sounds crazy and well it was a little nuts at times but overall we survived and had a really great time. Continue reading “Summer Fun” »

The Killer of Self Confidence

IMG_4861Comparison for me began at such an early age I think. Before I was even a teenager I can remember comparing myself to my sister.  So often our own siblings are the first ones we compare ourselves with and then we learn to compare ourselves with friends and then random strangers on the street. And of course lets not forget TV and social media. Even in my 30’s I was still in the comparison trap full swing. Continue reading “The Killer of Self Confidence” »

This Scale


If you have ever suffered from an eating disorder or even suffering right now, then you know that the scale can be your best friend and your worst enemy.

How many times have I stepped on the scale through my life and  felt a major shift in my

mood. And most of the time not for the better.
I allowed the number on that scale tell me weather I looked and felt good. It told me I was acceptable or it whispered ” Come on Karen we can get that number down more”   “your so fat and disgusting” Continue reading “This Scale” »

Today Is a New Day

IMG_4991My Purpose

I  started this blog because I truly felt the Lord laid it on my heart. That years of pain for me has now become my purpose.

My heart is to reach other women of all ages to let them know that they are not alone in their struggle whatever that may be. That there is someone who understands what it is like to live life in shame. To always feel like you never measure up , that you are not “Good Enough”.

If I only reach one person then I will have done my job in obedience to God. For me it is not about the amount of people who come across my blog but the people I impact to make a permanent change in their own lives. Then those people reach out to others and the trickle down effect takes placed millions of women (and men) are reached to change their lives for the Gory of God!