Friday Favorites + We did something crazy/ seeing a celebrity + A camping trip

Hey Hey! Things have been a little all over the place here in the Odell house.

Do you ever feel that way? Like so much is happening but nothing seems to get done?

Last Saturday we did a crazy thing. Our daughter Rachel was done with her freshman year in college. She needed/wanted us to come pick her up, she didn’t really want to take the train. Also, she needed help moving some things into a storage unit we rented down there. See this picture below? Note the time 5:09am yup. Crazy. We drove this route down and then drove back home in the same day. Crazy. A 19 hour trip. I don’t think I want to do that again. ha!

During one of our trips down to the city for Doug’s treatments I saw Ross Gellar’s glance twin at Starbucks. What is a glance twin? Someone that when you look really quick at them (glance) they can look just like someone else. I actually thought I was seeing a celebrity. Now you try. Glance really quick at the screen and don’t tell me this doesn’t look like Ross from friends. See, I told ya! lol.

When I run into Costco for 3 things and come out like this. Totally me. Can you relate?

Now for some Friday Favorites….

This is Mitten. She is debating on going for a run or yoga. Fun fact, she has 26 toes. See her thumbs in the picture?

Warmer weather is coming and going here in the Northeast. Catch it when you can! This is my favorite BBQ chicken recipe. I snuck it in on a warm day this week. You can check it out on this post from last summer.

I was so excited to find these Tortilla Chips at Whole Foods! Grain Free! (insert jumping and clapping) I need to be on a Paleo diet to feel my best and one of the things I have been missing (besides all the sugar) is Chips and Guac. These are delicious!! To me anyway. ha!

Mothers Day is in two days. I would really like this espresso maker to aid me in my coffee addiction. Can someone please tell Doug?

I can be so extra with my sleeping. Everything quiet. Only one noise canceling fan on. Ear plugs. (guys I have teenagers) and complete darkness. Enter Doug: When he is really tired he snores. A lot! And because he has been doing “all the things” and not napping during the day well lets just say he kept the Coyotes up instead the other night. Yup you guessed it. He slept in the camper. lolololol…. Now before you jump on me for letting my husband who is working so hard and in the middle of treatment for the brain tumor that was removed… He LOVES to camp & it was all his idea! We both got a greats night sleep that night.

And I have proof…. Ignore the top messages.. that is our conversation about him going for a bike ride and me being starving for dinner. And then some weird phone call early in the AM.

Let’s chat.

Are you a guacamole lover?

Do you have a pet? Dog? cat? Do they exercise? lol.

What is the longest trip you have ever taken by car?

Be blessed and remember to enjoy living in your middle!!

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  • 1 I tolerate guacamole. I never seek it out.
    2 No, no, No.
    3 North-central connecticut to pittsburgh and back in the same day. Meeting with client in between.
    4 i don’t know how to do that.
    5 “Do you ever feel that way? Like so much is happening but nothing seems to get done?” read chapter 12.

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