Sentence per Picture + Happy Fall

Happy Fall! We have been getting in as much hiking as we can before the last leaf falls off the tree’s. Can you spy the little photo bomber above? ha!

I finished off the month of October with 65.61 miles of running. And I already have a pretty big goal for November! I want to run 100 miles this month… Watch my instagram stories for more on that and keep an eye out for the December 1st blog post with all the details!

Abby is getting so big and taking over the house.

I am training her to sit with me on the couch at night and watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

I even painted my nails to match her. (Okay not on purpose but it is pretty close)

We went to VA. to visit Rachel at college. We had a lot of fun and I even sat through half of a football game! I know! They are so much more fun in person than on T.V.

The campus is ginormous!

More hiking….

This is a year of last things for us with our daughter Emily. She played her last high school Volleyball game a few days ago. (she was captain) They celebrated each of the Seniors with balloons and a volleyball signed by everyone on the team.

Last serve….. cue the tears….

I need new glasses. All the frames out there seem to be getting bigger and bigger. These remind me of the pair I owned when I was 14. What do you think?

Give me your sentence of the day!

Have you started your Christmas movies yet?

Tell me something fun you did in the month of October.

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