25 Days of Choosing Joy / Day One

Hey Everyone! Welcome to 25 Days of Choosing  Joy, I am so excited you are here! 🙂

The month of November and all things “Thankful” and “Gratitude” is officially behind us and we are full swing into Christmas.

Christmas; a time of celebration, giving, peppermint mocha, family, friends and all the warm feels…… Unless…. you grew up in my house. As a child, Christmas was one part excitement, one part fear. I was your typical child filled with thoughts of Santa, sugar plum fairies and Presents but I was also filled with uncertainty. Would my mom be sober today? Will I even get presents? Will my parents get along? Will there be joy?

All those Christmas’ and the days in-between I subconsciously taught myself a “not so good” habit. That my Happiness & Joy comes from the people and circumstances around me. If they are not happy then ,well…. neither am I.

Lately the Lord has been showing me that, while I did learn the habit of choosing my joy based on my surroundings, I was also at the same time strengthening my muscle of choice which has left me with an incredible gift. If I just flip the switch I can CHOOSE JOY! 

Maybe you struggle too, maybe you don’t, either way we could all use a bit more focus on our joy. Instead of our Christmas ‘to do” list that can leave us overwhelmed and stressed let’s flip the switch together and spread  some Joy!

How does it work? I’m glad you asked! All you have to do is subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Everyday I will have a new blog post up with a scripture, an action to take and a journal prompt. ( i will also have it on my social accounts)


Scripture ~ Isaiah 35: 10b amp, And everlasting Joy will be upon their heads; They will find joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing will flee

Action ~ Confess today ” Sorrow and sighing have no place in me and the Joy of the Lord is covering me.

Journal ~ I can find Joy today by_________

Let’s Talk! Share your journal prompt for today. 

Mine: I can find Joy today by choosing to look for it in the small things that bless me today. 

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