Half Marathon Training, Carb loading and relaxing at night

Happy Sunday! How was your weekend? Mine was a typical weekend full of driving 4 kids to 4 different places all while trying to “squeeze” in a 10 mile run. Thankfully I have an incredible helpful and supportive husband who did all the chauffeuring while I ran for 2 hours.

This happen on Friday afternoon.









My run went great on Saturday morning  and I was feeling so good at the end. Even though I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. I still can’t believe I ran 10 miles. Found this great tee on Etsy. 









And what do I do at night after a long run……….. Giraffe pants and a huge bowl of popcorn, trust me this picture does not do this bowl justice. 🙂









Sunday after church I went for  a quick trip to the mall with one of my  daughters and got to go into one of my most favorite overpriced stores 🙂 lululemon!!!








What is your go to meal after a run? 

Any favorite nail colors? 

Where do you splurge for your running clothes? 








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