6 Random things/my guilty pleasure + I haven’t done this in a while + Get me off this mountain

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a great Easter full of peace, joy love and Jesus!

Doug and the boys went to Saturday night service at our church. (I stayed home because I was teaching the 2 year olds Sunday morning). They left early to run some errands so I got busy catching up on my guilty pleasure. Why guilty? Because I am an enneagram 1, so I see all the reasons that as a Jesus girl, I should definitely not be watching this show. Like I tell my kids; If Jesus were in the room would He sit down and watch that show with you?

I ran a total of 5 miles last week and it should have been 0. I spent the other days doing this. Epsom salts and essential oils.

I forgot how much I love roasted carrots. They are my new go to instead of sweet potatoes. I just slice them like a fry and drizzle olive oil over them. Yum!

Murphy matches my color scheme in my living room.

And yes Murphy, I bought those new pillows just for you. But he does look comfy and cute. (ps. I made him get down after I took this picture) ha!

Coffee makes me happy. And apparently I make it happy too.

After Church on Sunday we went for a hike. I haven’t done this in a while. My son said “mom you just ran a Half Marathon” I said ” Totally different animal!” It felt good to use different muscles and move my body in a different way than I usually do. (It was so windy at the top)

But the view was amazing!

At the beginning of the hike my husband had a great idea. Let’s go up the mountain a different way but come down our usual way. Sounds like a great idea. I love to mix things up once in a while. NEVER AGAIN! Because we got lost! Get me off this Mountain! (we all look so happy)

The men will help us find our way. (ps. Murphy is still sleeping today)

At least I captured this shot of Jeremy.

We finally got off when we decided to stop and pray. 5 minutes later a woman came down the path with a map. A map. now that’s a good idea! lol.

The whole hike took us 5 hours and 7 miles.

Life can bring many different mountains. Some we have climbed before, others are new to us. Whatever the obstacle that you are facing don’t forget to 1. enjoy the journey 2. look around and find something you have to be grateful for 3. Be patient 4. PRAY!

Anything you forgot how much you loved and now it is go-to favorite?

Me: Carrot fries 🙂

Ever get lost? When? Where? How long?

What is one of your favorite show to watch?

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