A day in the life. I found my new Client + Shadow chasing + Summer Bucket list.

Hey You! This picture of Doug and I is from our camping trip last weekend… We went on a sunset hike. Missed the Actual sun setting but it was still beautiful.

We did not plan this set up. Tallest to smallest. Totally by accident. Cool right?!

Me and my boys. It was so windy. Thus the hair. lol. My oldest son is getting so tall. I have to admit I actually love it. Sometimes he walks over to me to show me how much taller he is than me and I just put my head on his shoulder. I love having another man in the house.

I wanted to do a follow up to my last post. “How I am finding my Rhythm of Summer and what that looks like” you can find it here if you missed it. Seriously my life is not that exciting on a daily basis. Except for the drama, that is always there. Teenagers. Sigh…. (kidding, I love it all) But I wanted to share my day with you today. Sentence per picture style.

Here we go. Hold on tight. The excitement may be too much to handle. 😉

This is how I start my day. E.V.E.R.Y DAY. I journal while listening to Worship music to get my focus right then I dive into a devotional and my bible. And journal some more. This can last anywhere from 30min-1hour.

Coffee keeps me company through it all. This has been my go-to breakfast lately. One whole banana with 1tsp. Almond butter and a hard boiled egg. I find this combo of Carbs/Protein/Fat is perfect for my pre-run fuel.) don’t you just love my organizational skills?) ha!

Then it’s off for a run. Hopefully before it feels like 1,000 degrees. Last summer I was out no later than 7:30am. Lately it has been 10am before I get out. I am sure that will change as soon as the humidity kicks in. I love where I live and am so blessed that I get to train these cows for their next 5k! Listen, I will train anyone who is willing and able. lol.

When I got home this guy was waiting to swim. I like my pool water set to 80. It was 72. The sacrifices we make. Those blue eyes though. Just like his mama. My only baby with blue. The other 3 have green(ish)

This pool is for the dog. It felt like 90 so Jeremy went in to warm up!

I joined him. 😊

Even though it was 85 out Jeremy thought he needed his snowman socks on.

Then he changed and reminded me to drink my water.

This is where Murphy hangs out… most of the day.. he stands here and barks at the shadows on the ground from the birds flying above. Yes. Everyone who comes to our house asks “Is your dog okay” yes. yes he is. Worlds best Shadow Chaser.

I filled out my Summer Bucket list today. I already did one thing today! I floated in the pool ✔️.

Let’s Chat!

What temp do you like your pool water? Ocean or pool?

Does your pet do something really weird?

Me: One of our cats loves the water. Every time we go upstairs he runs up and jumps in the sink and waits for us to turn it on. Doug hates it but the rest of us think it’s cute.

Tell me something on your Summer bucket list?


  • Hey karen, I have enjoyed peeking around your site and love how you’re embracing your summer season. Like you, I’ve made a summer bucket list with our boys and so far we’ve enjoyed a drive-in movie, beach trip, and swimming at the lake. keep embracing your middle and calling out the light in others to do the same!

    • Thats Awesome Chamel!! Sounds like you are having a great start to your summer! Thank you for your inspiration and congratulations on your next BIG right step into your new season with your family and ministry 🙂

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