A lot of last’s this week + a Whisper from God + my two favorites

We remember the first’s.

First smile, first steps, first words and the monumental first day of school. We record these memories , tucked away in photo albums, scrap books and journals.

But what about the last’s.

Last time you read a bedtime story, rocked your baby to sleep, sung them a song or the never-ending glass of water before bed and tuck me in one more time!

In the Odell house we are experiencing a few lasts this week that hopefully will never be forgotten. I took lots of pictures so I wouldn’t forget;)

My oldest daughter is a Senior and today was her last day of High school. Her last day driving to school,last day sitting in class with the same kids she has been with for four years. She is leaving the comfort and security she has known and entering a whole new world of possibilities. It is a big deal!

She knows where she is going to college and what she is studying. But as a mom I still think about her future and God sent me a message today to remind me that He is always watching over her.

When I was at the mall today a little 2 year old girl walked up to me and handed me this bag. Inside is a gold coin with John 3:16 on it and a card that had Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” God whispered to my heart, You have done your job, don’t worry I’ve got her.

I was “feeling all the feels today” There is so much emotion wrapped up in this milestone in my daughters life. It’s a first for me! People have warned me but I had no idea…  So this is how I chose to handle my emotions…… with my two favorites.

I shopped….

And went for a run…… Today is world running day so to celebrate I ran 4.75 miles! Yay me. And I am feeling much better now.

The big graduation night is Friday….. And my heart will be full…. I may need more shopping and running to cope!


Did you get a run in today? How far did you go? 

What is your go-to when you are “feeling’ all the feels”

I would love to hear how God has whispered to you during an uncertain time! 


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