A Recipe and a Good Read

Hey Everyone! Well, I still don’t know what day it is. My life as a homeschool mom is almost over. And it feels like the movie Groundhog day over here! Ha! (Check out that movie and you will understand)

I have been trying out some new recipes over the last 2 months. Some good. Some not so good. This one was Amazing! Now it is probably more of a cool crisp fall day food, but listen, anything goes right now. There are no food rules over here!


A few tips:

  • You can find the Mellow yellow mix here. It really makes all the difference. It is $35 for one container but I have had mine for months! I only have used it for this soup so it is worth it to me.
  • When you pour the vegetables into the blender it helps if you do a little bit at a time and transfer each small amount to your large pot as you go.
  • Use extra broth and coconut milk for a more soup like consistency otherwise it is more like a stew.
  • Coconut milk… I use milk from a can but the carton would work good too I think.
  • www.yoursuper.com has great products that are responsibly resourced. Vegan and sugar free. They are having a Memorial day sale this weekend so be sure to check them out!


The timing of this book couldn’t have been more perfect. Just as a pandemic hit our world. A disease reared it’s ugly head once again in our life. And I was forced to become a homeschool mom, business woman and part-time nurse. The weight I was carrying became just too heavy.

The last 18 months God has been speaking to me and teaching me how to be anchored in Him. Learning how to really trust Him. I mean REALLY trust. To keep my focus on Him and not the wind and the waves. I realize He has control but I want control too. I want to do all the right things and then my situation will change. Do my confessions. Take communion everyday. Listen to teachings on healing. Pray. Hard. I want to be the General contractor of this healing project and he can be my sub-contractor. I will call the shots and He will follow my orders. And the job will finish when I say it will. My timing. This just doesn’t work. We all know that. But I am a person who likes to have the control; because to be honest I am terrified of letting go. I knew I was experiencing spiritual exhaustion. I just couldn’t be God anymore.

Surrender? How do I do that? What does that look like?

Enter “Jesus Over Everything” . The answer I have been looking for. The words I need to hear right now. Simple instructions and steps on how to put Jesus first. In order for me to feel free. Experience God’s peace and Joy in the midst of the “hard” season we are in; I had to put “Jesus over Everything” Every emotion. The fear. The need to control. The diagnosis. The new roles I have taken on. My desired outcome for all of this. Jesus must be over it all.

” A Jesus -over -everything lifestyle is the understanding that the priority of Jesus brings order to the chaos of our lives, a job only God can do” – Lisa Whittle

Now this is not a one and done prayer. “Jesus I put you over this, Amen” It is a constant whisper in those moments I am afraid and can feel myself taking over in my mind. “Jesus be everything right now” “I Put You over all”

Maybe you sense Jesus pulling you close. He is asking you to let go and put Him over your “everything” whatever that may be in this moment. If it is, please grab this book. (Audio or paperback) I believe it will be a stepping stone for you to begin your process of letting Jesus be over everything in your life.

I am praying for you. All my readers. To feel Gods presence in a think tangible way during this season of change that we are all in. You are not alone.

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