Acai and Coconut Bowls

Once or twice a week I like to treat myself to a homemade Acai Bowl. Typically I save it for Friday night “date night” on the couch with my hubby watching When Calls the Heart on Hallmark Channel or…. Shark Tank, LOL! Two of our favorites right now.

But this past weekend looked a little different , my husband and 14 year old son went Turkey hunting on Saturday morning so an early bedtime happen for both of them and I was left on the couch alone (not that I minded) I enjoy my time alone too.

So we rescheduled our “date night” for Sunday night.

If you haven’t tried an Acai bowl yet you HAVE TO check it out. I admit I was skeptical when my oldest daughter introduced them to me. It wasn’t an instant love affair but now, months later, I am HOOKED!
And it is healthy too which makes me feel better about my choice while I am eating it.

Making your Acai bowl is not hard at all and whats even better you can add whatever you want to the top or nothing at all for a smoother taste.
Some of my favorites (pictured above) Paleo Granola (found it at Costco) blueberries, drizzle honey and all natural peanut butter.
But you can add Cacoa chips, banana slices, strawberries really any fruit or even chopped nuts and shredded coconut. The list is endless. ( try to make healthy choices when possible,insert wink)

So here’s the low down on mine.

I freeze one sliced banana and buy this Acai at Whole Foods They have sweetened and unsweetened.

I purchased this food processor on Amazon and I really love it.

I blend the banana and frozen acai until mixed then I add some coconut milk and blend again until smooth. Dish it out in these amazing REAL coconut bowls and then add your toppings.
Or if your like me and like it to be a bit more frozen, pop it in the freezer for about 30-45 min. before adding your toppings.

I hope this becomes one of your new FAVORITES, like it is for me!

Happy snacking!

So what are some of your favorite date night ideas?
Any favorite snacks to share?
What are some of your all time favorite movies and TV series to watch?

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