Apple Air Pods review + Friday favorites + a summer goal

Summer is in full swing in our house and I am already feeling a bit out of control.

You see, I LOVE a schedule and organization and the summer months offer me none of that! In the past it has left me stressed out and burnt out, and not the burnt from a fun day in the sun.

Four kids with four different schedules and hearing my name called every five minutes can leave me feeling overwhelmed. And as the Grinch says “All the Noise, Noise,Noise”

I know what you are saying, Embrace the chaos, be thankful for your Children they are a gift from God, one day you will miss this season of your life. I agree completely! I am thankful for each of them and I know one day I will miss all of this but it can be hard for my personality to embrace it all and seize the day.

I have decided to make myself a list of Summer goals. Sort of like a New Years Resolution, only for Summer.

The first goal on that list is to make the decision to enjoy every moment with my daughter who just graduated High school.  She is off to collage in Virginia this coming  fall and that is going to be super hard not having her around everyday. So we decided that we are going to “do ALL the things” Meaning, we are going to squeeze in as many things as possible together before she leaves. And she won’t know it, but my mama heart will be soaking in very moment!

The other day I was getting myself together for my run and couldn’t find my beats headphones anywhere. It was the perfect opportunity to try out my son’s new Airpods. I had just watched American Ninja Warrior the night before (I seriously am obsessed with that show) and a guy did the course with airpods in! Crazy! I figure if he can do it while flipping all around , for sure I could use them while I was running. And honestly, I liked them, I was worried though because half way through the run I couldn’t feel them in my ears and I was nervous one fell out. But my son had said if one falls out the music stops playing so I knew I was safe. Also, they come in their own case which is also the charger. It looks like a dental floss container. I don’t need new headphones yet and I do love my beats but I might switch to these when the time comes.

I made cake for my daughters graduation. My go-to chocolate Paleo cake. I absolutely LOVE this cake and as a bonus it is somewhat healthy… I said somewhat. lol. You can find it in this cookbook.


What summer goals do you have, or maybe need to make?

If you love to run what do you prefer, inside on the treadmill or outside on the pavement? 

I would love to hear from you!!


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