Are you ready? / That was the last one + A few words

Well. I think I am ready… That was the last run (10 miles) before I face the 13.1 on Sunday. If I’m being honest, it was hard. I hit my wall early about mile 6 and my legs felt like dead weights. So the rest is up to my head. My strength to run… far… comes from what I tell myself before, during and after my runs. All this week I am talking “out loud” to myself.

You are strong. You can and do hard things. Strength and power flows through your veins. I am grateful for this body I have been given and all that God has made me capable of doing. I CAN & WILL run 13.1 miles without stopping. I love running. I love running. I love my feet hitting the pavement. When I run, it’s me and God. I glorify God with my body when I run. Running is the place where I let it all go. No comparison or perfectionism. I am just me. I am free!

We are getting ready for warmer weather at the Odell House. All the dirt bikes are out and being serviced to make sure they are ready too. Yup – There are five! No – I do not ride. lol

This quote is for all the coffee lovers. Whose inner child comes out when they don’t get enough.

One of the reasons my runs have been so hard is because of my Ferritin levels. It started about 3 years ago, my body doesn’t store Ferritin. My iron levels always test normal but not the Ferritin , which is how the body stores the iron. So here I am getting an infusion. wow! I feel like I could say so much about this. What are you feeling depleted in that you need an infusion of today?

I made my own taco bowl. No tortilla shell but I used beef ( hamburger) sautéed red & yellow pepper, steamed broccoli, chopped tomato, lettuce salsa and avocado! Boy! it was so good! And healthy with no guilt.

Looking for a better version of your regular Mayo? I found a great one.

Here’s to warmer weather, sunroofs open, to much sun in your eyes singing loud for all to hear! It is finally summer! And all the warm weather lovers said… AMEN!

Tell me everything!

Have you made anything new for dinner?

What is your favorite part of summer? Me ~ Everything!! ha!

Find anything new lately that you are loving? Please share!

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Me ~ 2, that not to bad… right?

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