Are you ready to be Free?

It was a regular Monday morning, with the usual hustle of getting (dragging kids) out of bed , making lunches and making sure everyone is out the door on time for school.

Once everyone is gone that is my time turn on my worship music and get down to business with God! I cherish those moments.

Little did I know when I sat down that morning that my life was about to take a drastic turn and I would never be the same again.

My quiet time with God doesn’t always look the same. This particular morning I decided to watch the last video in a Freedom Challenge I was doing with Rebekah Lyons, based off her new book “You are Free”

As I pushed play a young women began to speak about how God had set her free from drugs, Alcohol and a promiscuous lifestyle. But most recently He had set her free from a low self worth and body image when He prompted her to remove her breast implants she had put in 10 years prior.

Thats when the Lord gently whispered to me ” Are YOU ready to be Free?”

My whole body turned warm like hot oil was being poured over my head and running down my body.

Was He really asking me to remove my breast implants?

I thought if they made me happy then God would want me to have them? What will I be without them?


Karen~ I am not as much concerned with your happiness as I am with your Freedom. As long as you have those implants you will never truly be FREE like I have designed you to be. 

(insert face plant and tears)


But did I have the strength to obey?

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