Birthday/Anniversary= He has never let me down + I haven’t done this in a while/Plan your happy

Happy Birthday to me!

My Birthday is April 26th. Our wedding Anniversary is April 27th. When we were choosing a date for our wedding and the 27th came up as a choice I made him promise that we would always celebrate each separately. It was very important to my younger self. I love the “birthday feeling” Ya know? That feeling you carry with you all day that says, “this is my day” And it almost feels like you have a secret because all the strangers you pass by have no idea?

As I get older I realize that not everyone feels about birthdays like I do. So I make every effort to make myself feel “special” on that day. This year I booked a massage and a facial in the morning. Heaven!

Then It was off to lunch with my sister. We went to Red Robin. Their Avo-cobb salad is so good. It is huge. I ate it all. lol

Doug made me dinner. (forgot a picture of that) But birthdays are all about the cake. Right?! This one is Paleo with the new So-Delicious sugar free Coconut milk Ice cream

The recipe for this Chocolate Layer Cake came out of Danielle Walkers Against All Grain. Page 248. And the vanilla frosting is out of the same cookbook. Page 298. It is by far the best Paleo cake I have made.

(He has never let me down. Sometimes he plans the dinner or makes suggestions for the day/days or I take matters into my own hands. ha!)

We didn’t celebrate our Anniversary on the 27th. We planned a little 36 hour getaway for the day after. And we went to our favorite spot. Mohonk Mountain house. Tucked away at the top of a literal mountain it is such a great way to escape from all of the things. Reconnect & Recharge.

There is a spa on location that is like nothing I have ever experienced. It was a perfect rainy day to spend getting a massage and reading… A book! (I can not even remember the last time I did that).

One of the reasons we love Mohonk is because of the variety of hiking trails. And our favorite trail is called the Labryinth aka: The lemon squeeze.

Leftover snow! Ugh! Die already. lol

The walk through the rock scramble in the beginning is just the best. All the under and over through all the rocks and the man made ladders and bridges to get across more difficult sections. SO MUCH FUN!! Doug makes it his challenge to get through as fast as he can. Me? I take my time. Don’t worry he stops once in a while so I can catch up. And make sure I have not gotten stuck between two boulders!

Two years ago Doug carved our initials in a tree. I found it while we were on our way up and he re-carved them. We might have to make that a yearly ritual.

The picture below is of us beginning the ascent to the “squeeze” or “Crevice” as some call it.

You literally have to turn sideways and “squeeze” yourself through and rock climb the end of the trail to the top.

The view from the top is breath taking.

I think he is thinking about what he is gonna eat for lunch at the buffet. lol

After our “hike” we swung by the flower garden. All the tulips were in full bloom.

We live in an ever changing demanding world. It distracts. Keeps us busy. Stressed. Drained. We need to plan our happy. A time where we make a decision to let things go and just enjoy ourselves and each other. With no expectations except to just be happy.

LET’S CHAT!! You can submit your comments through the comment box below 😉

Read any good books lately? Me: You are Free by Rebekah Lyons.

Chocolate or vanilla? Cake, ice cream or both?

What is your favorite getaway?

Do you have a favorite flower? Me: Tulips.

Don’t forget to plan your next Happy Day!

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