Dancing with Myself

When was the last time you looked in the mirrored and smiled at what you saw?
What were the voices in your head?
Most likely your “self” said something like this….. “ Oh look at my stomach I wish it was flatter” I should really lose those last 10 pounds” My arms, my thighs my butt the list goes on.
Putting ourselves down.
Tearing down our temple.
When I watch this video of this little girl dancing in the mirror. I think to myself, when was the last time I looked in the mirror and smiled at what I saw. More often than not I have found myself tearing down instead of building myself up. I am more happy to compliment someone else but when it comes to myself thats a different story.

BUT …… What if today we didn’t do that? What if today I started finding things I like about myself and saying those things out loud.
It will quiet the voice of disapproval. It will slowly help me begin to appreciate myself more love myself more and then I can love others more.

Lets LOVE ourselves ! All of ourselves even the parts we don’t really love.

So grab your toothbrush . Put on your favorite music . And let’s DANCE!!!!!

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