Day 2 of 25 Days of Joy – Laughter

I love to laugh.

Making witty jokes, light hearted sarcasm and I especially love when people actually laugh because they think I am funny. Let’s talk about laughter today.

Sometimes life can snuff out our laughter so that is why it is so important to create reasons to laugh. A funny movie, playing with your kids or watching a good comedian. I think this guy (Tim Hawkins) is hysterical! I am actually going to see him live in my church in March. So excited!

Today’s Challenge:

Verse: Proverbs 17:22- “A happy heart is good medicine & a joyful mind causes healing.”  wow! Can you imagine that just the state of being happy and joyful brings healing? I think that’s because when we are saddened, weighed down or stressed by life it can actually make you physically sick. There are many documented findings confirming that fact! So get laughing, your health depends on it.

Action: Watch and/or do something that makes you laugh today.

Journal:” My heart feels ______ when I am laughing”. Pay close attention to your thoughts as you laugh, it’s pretty hard to think a negative toxic thought when you are laughing.

Share your action with us today. I am always looking for more ideas to keep my heart light. 




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