Day 3 of 25 Days of Choosing Joy – Worship

Worshiping God is my weapon of choice. Like the song says ” This is how I fight my battles”

A little tough love that someone once gave me…… When you are unhappy or find yourself in a place of depression ask yourself this…. ” Who am I thinking about the most?”  Me? Other’s? God?

When we worship God it takes the focus off of ourselves and onto Him, all His goodness and faithfulness. To sum it up, we think about Him and not ourselves and then the happiness comes, His word says so.

Todays Challenge:

Verse: Psalm 89:15 ” Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship”

Action: Create a playlist of ONLY worship music, any style, fast or slow and anything in-between, as long as it is worship. Then listen to it exclusively for 30 days. (except for maybe Christmas music) 😉

Journal: Get the bible app on your phone and put “worship” in the search bar, look up then write down all the scriptures you can find on worship and singing.

Thought for today: When life gets you down; worship your way out.

Share it with us! 

What is your favorite worship song you found? 

me: “Stand in your love” by Josh Baldwin.



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