Did you leave your door opened? + In & Out + Summer is in full swing/I think this was a good buy.

Hey! Guess what? I think summer is finally in full swing around here. Praise God for that. With the warm weather comes open doors and windows to let the warm breeze and sunshine in. But last week when I opened the door I let something else in.

I have two cats.

ISN’T SHE THE CUTEST!! She also has a lot of toes… 26! Looks like she has thumbs. lol

It was a typical Sunday morning except that Doug was camping with the boys. I came downstairs to make my coffee. Feed the animals and let the cats outside for their morning ritual of coming in and out until they give up or I do. So out they went. And then back at the door. Then out again! ugh! SO I had this great idea to leave the door open just enough for them to come in and out until I was ready to leave. That turned out to be a very very bad idea!

I was upstairs getting ready for church when I hear Rachel (my 19year old) yelling at Bobbie. “Bobbie, bobbie, get out! MOOOOOMMMMM!!!! Bobbie has a bird in his mouth!!” I had a choice in that moment. Freak out. (I DO NOT like animals in my house unless I invite them) Or stay calm and realize, we are not going to church this morning. ha! How long will it take to get a bird out of the house. Well when I walked carefully downstairs I saw that it wasn’t a bird. It was a MOUSE! Are you kidding me! I really don’t like mice. Especially in my house.

There may be a video out there of me standing on the couch screaming while my cats chased a mouse around the living room. Maybe….

The mouse story doesn’t end well. Cats -1 , Mouse -0

Did you leave your door open? Have you let things inside your soul that just don’t belong there. God says in Proverbs 4:23 To: Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.

I feel like there is so much I want to say about this. For now I will just leave you with the question again….

Did you leave your door open?

Jeremy was pretty much done with school. He had learned everything he could in third grade. Our mornings looked like this the last few weeks.

Then we graduated from third grade.

Jeremy is ready for the summer!!

I bought him this rocket at Costco! It is powered by water. I think it was a good buy. But has one flaw….

This happens about 6x’s a day….

Sometimes we get it out. Other times it stays up there until it rains or gets windy. ha!

I hope your summer is has started off little less eventful than mine. I planned on trying to slow down and rest more this summer. It isn’t looking that way yet. But I am remaining optimistic 🙂

Tell me 3 things you are looking forward to this summer?

Do you have a large dislike of rodents?

Slow down. Take the next right step for you. Remember, you are More Than Enough.

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