Did you survive? + Once in a lifetime + Lots of Random things

Hey Hey! It’s Friday and  guess what?? I SURVIVED! The summer is over and school is in full swing and I am so happy to so that I am still alive and somewhat sane. In this post I talked about some of my goals for the summer. And I think I did pretty okay. Even with the flood in our house and being under construction for most of it. I was certainly put to the test.

A few things I learned.

  1. I am growing. It is amazing to me the Grace that gets poured out on us when a circumstance beyond our control is thrown at us. The Lord showed me how much I have grown in the area of “letting it go”, though I still have a long way to go I am learning to receive His Grace and Peace in these moments.
  2. It is never enough time. I had a goal of doing “all the things” with my oldest, Rachel, before she left for college. Sort of like filling up my cup so it would be overflowing with her and tie me over till we can spend time together again. While I enjoyed all the memories we made, beach trips, NYC, shopping sprees, manicures, long talks. It still was not enough to prepare me for the change of not having her here at home. It’s my “new normal” and I think it is gonna take some time to get used to. 😉
  3. The days are long but the season is short. Some days seemed so challenging, the arguing kids, driving to all the places and never seeming to have enough time to clean or fold laundry. But now that it is over I see how it FLEW by and now it seems so short.
  4. It’s all about perspective. Through the whole summer God’s goodness was so tangible. He poured out His grace on me, everyday a new dose, and blessed my kids above and beyond with amazing opportunities to do some really fun things.

Here are lots of random things…

I am totally obsessed with this store Evereve, I need this shirt!

This is TOTALLY me. And the funny thing is, my husband still insists on talking to me when I first get up. I guess 22 years isn’t enough time to get to know someone 😉

On Sunday morning while getting ready for church my youngest looked out his bedroom window to see our cat walking in the pool! WHAT?! My husband was cracking up and we both agreed at that moment that this cat is special. ha! I have never seen a cat who actually likes the water. This is a once in a lifetime thing right here. (and no joke she went down the slide at one point)

And this is Bobby. He does not like the water. 🙂 

I was out running errands and forgot to pack myself some snacks. I love the salads at Whole Foods and so fancy too. But I have to say I couldn’t stay long because it was freezing in there! Eating healthy really isn’t hard when you are out, it is all about the choice.

I came across this great place that makes wood signs from your own photos. They also have a nice selection of Wood Signs to choose from with various phrases on them. Check it out.

My daughter (the one on the left) is doing better everyday at College. We talk and text everyday and I am just amazed at all the things God is doing in her heart. I am so honored that I get to be her mom and watch His plan unfold in her life.

When your 14 year old still wants to go on the rides at the mall. (Jeremy was squished in there too)

This quote…. It is hard for a person like me who thinks that the more she does and does “right” the more she will be noticed, liked and enough. So in this season I am focusing on His presence not on myself and what I can “do” to earn His approval and love.

Let’s talk….

What is something you learned in this past season? 

  • me- Boys never stop moving

Do you have a favorite new clothing store right now? I am always looking for something new! 


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