End of Summer Blues, My Hidden Talent + Healthy Snacks at Starbucks

Wow! I can not believe it is already Friday. This week flew by for me, and, it was a really weird week too.

I have been feeling like I am in such a funk. And I think I know why….. because summer is coming to an end, my first born is going to college (first time for this mama) and it is the end of one season and the beginning of another. And I am not just talking about the weather but also the season of life we are going into. I don’t like how it feels… that unknown.  Can you tell I do not like change? ha! I think I cried  every time I talked to my husband today, no matter what it was about. I mean, I am a crier anyway but this was getting out of hand, all he did was ask me about the hardwood floors that were being sanded. Gee Wiz! Get a grip Karen!

So how am I handling it? By just going with the flow, not adding anything extra to my plate (or I think it may literally fall and break), and finding one thing everyday that makes me happy. Self care is so important.

A few things happening around here.

We finally had our hardwood floors put back in. (insert clapping emoji) It feels so good to walk on a normal floor again. The day our kitchen flooded was the same day my husband and girls left for a missions trip to Texas. They helped some of the people down there with repairs on their homes. I have been struggling with a month with no floor , imagine a year! I really am thankful.

This is a part of the finished product. I just love this new color we painted the bathroom and kitchen.

While that was going on in the house, I took the boys out for lunch. And I showed my 14 year old my hidden talent. How I can tie a cherry stem in my mouth using my tongue. He was impressed until he found out he can do it too…. runs in the DNA.

Friends of ours have a cat that had kittens. Here they are about 4 days old.

Jeremy thinks we need kittens too and we should let our girl cat have some babies. To late buddy! Aren’t they so tiny?? It has been a long time since i saw kittens this small.

I thought I had lost my Speedzter arm band so I ordered another one. I am loving the colors!

If you don’t already , you need to follow @evereveofficial, it is a clothing brand created by a mom for moms! This t-shirt is out of stock , but how many of us need this right now!

I found a couple of healthy snack things at Starbucks the other day. First this “That’s it” bar. Literally has two ingredients and tasted like a fruit roll up. That brought back some childhood memories.

Second; These coconut cookies. I split them with my taught, we each ate two, they are high in fat but thats because of the Coconut oil and that is a healthy fat…. plus whats wrong with a cookie once in a while?

Let’s Talk!

What is your favorite season?

Do you like change? Embrace it, Or run and hide when it comes?

~ I run and hide

Any secret talent in the family?

~ my daughter can literally touch the tip of her tongue to the end of her elbow!!

Till we talk again! Remember : Who the Son sets Free is Free Indeed! John 8:36



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