Hey! Happy Friday!

I ended my week with a 5 mile run this morning Average pace 11’00”. I am pretty proud of that but it is still way to hot and I started my run way to late. When am I going to learn? I thought I would never hear myself say these words but I am looking forward to cooler mornings to run… WHAT?! Yup me the woman who loves all things hot can not wait until fall comes….. I’ll give you a minute to gather yourself off the floor.

Today I have 5 Friday Favorites to share with you that are/have literally changed my life!

  1. Rachel Hollis “Rise” Podcast. I may or may not have a girl crush on this amazing women. Every word she says seems to just speak right to my heart  and the things in my life.  Check out her Podcast, “Rise” and she also has one with her husband, “Rise Together”. You won’t be disappointed! 

2. This quote: I just love this quote I saw yesterday. One of my goals for the summer was to not get (too) stressed with all the kids home for the summer. Have a done a good job? That depends on your definition of good. LOL! But this was perfect timing for me and is helping me change my perspective. I may just hang it in every room in my house.  


3. This Girl: I am so proud of all my children and who they are becoming… but this girl she is off the charts right now. She is about to do things I never had the opportunity to do. She is attending college in the fall (8hours from home) pursing her dreams and pushing herself past her comfort zone. I could brag on her forever.

4. Girl, Wash Your Face book: Told you I have a thang for Rachel Hollis, and this book is for sure going to be one of those tools that God uses to continue to grow me.Stop listening to the lies you are telling yourself, and get up. Wash those tears ,clear your mind and let’s start changing the world!! I am not finished with the book yet but when I do expect a full detailed review!

5. This song: I would go to church with a smile on face….. but my heart was covered with secrets, addiction and shame. I portrayed myself as something I wasn’t, spending so much time on my outside and never dealing with my hurts on the inside. BUT GOD…. in all His Grace and Mercy has led me to Freedom. I am learning to love myself, flaws and all, He has lifted me up out of the pit, all Gory to God! The best is yet to come! And I’m still here.

Five things you may not know about me.

1. I believe you can have more than one favorite. Don’t bother arguing with me , you-will-not-win. Just ask my husband. lol. That being said “one of” my favorite movies is “Twister“. I would never want to witness a tornado but I just love this movie…. I think I can recite the lines of the movie while I am watching. Plus it is educational too, it’s how I knew when the sky was turning green at our house that a Tornado was coming. Seriously that happened a few months ago.

2. I love to clean, have since I was a little girl. It all started when I would get upset at the things going on in my house , I would just go to my room and start to clean. There is a whole Phycological thing behind this but we won’t go there today. Your welcome.

3. I cry… A LOT! I used to hate how emotional I was but now I am beginning to embrace it. It is who I am.

4. I always hated my forehead. I was told when I was young that I had a big forehead and for some reason it just stuck with me. I am over it now and I refuse to wear bangs anymore because of it.

5. I grew up in a dysfunctional home: My mom was an alcoholic and my dad verbally abused me. Why am I telling you something like this? Because maybe you didn’t know it and you look at me and think I must have had a great upbringing and life. Nope! This is all God baby! I have and still am overcoming so many things. Walking testimony right here.

Five things you can do today to thrive.

  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces:If you weighed 100lbs then you would drink 50 ounces. Want to take it up a notch? Drink your whole body weight in ounces. This will jumpstart your metabolism and take your detox up to the next level.
  2. Take time for you, everyday: No matter what that looks like for you. 15-30 minutes doing something to just regroup yourself and your thoughts. Read a book, watch TV. Journal, have a quiet cup of coffee or tea. 
  3. Get Active: For at least 30 minutes a day move your body. Go for a walk, take a spin class, go for a run, do a workout video, heck, even dance in your kitchen while you are making dinner. It is so good for the soul and you know the saying… “A body in motion, stays in motion” 
  4. Get up an hour early: I usually use my summers to catch up on some much needed sleep. But this summer I made it a point to get up between 6:00-6:30 everyday. I fell in love with that time to myself every morning. I use it to write my to-do list for the day, pray, read and mentally prepare for the day.
  5. Add one healthy thing to eat to your day: If you already at healthy, Awesome! But if you don’t and want to learn how, just add one healthy thing to each meal and overtime you will find that your plate has more of the good things your body needs for fuel that not!


Now you know a little bit more about me. How about you?

What are some of your favorites right now? 

What movie could you watch over and over and never get sick of? 

  • me- Twister & McFarland USA

Tell me your favorite song on your playlist. I am always looking for new jams to run to! 

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