Friday Favorites for Christmas + a Word on Goals

Remember my goal to run 100 miles in November? Well, I almost did but fell short by 15 miles and only ran 85. But did I really fall short? Maybe I did reach my goal only it didn’t look like I thought it would.

Goal: The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

I love goals. That feeling when I see my goals become a reality is like none other. With this recent goal of running 100 miles in 30 days I went about it differently. I prayed and asked God to help me to keep my eyes and heart open to what I could learn on my way to my end result. Instead of my eyes on the prize, I wanted to keep my eyes on the middle piece before the end result. This is what I realized.

  • It is not just about seeing results or achieving, it’s about continuing to move forward.
  • Goals take a very strong decision to make that next right step.
  • I built strength and made progress everyday.
  • I gained a new perspective on perseverance.
  • Last but not least I learned that Goals are not about the end result but what we learn on the way.

Today I want us to challenge ourselves to change our definition of what a goal is. Instead of focusing so hard on the end, let’s look at now. What we are learning and how much we are growing, right here in the middle.

Goal: An aim to produce growth by focusing on the steps it takes to achieve a person’s desired result.

Okay! Let’s talk about a few Friday Favorites that might just be added to your Christmas list (to give or receive 😉)

Let’s start with the runner in your life. This Run Angel “watch”. When you push down on the middle button a loud alarm goes off. At the same time it messages the people you previously added to your list of those you trust to come save you. 😉

An Apple watch to keep track of mileage. I really love mine. This is a series 3, which they still sell for $199. They also have the Series 5 now and that is up to $600.

Gloves to keep your hands warm. I love these because they are super warm but as my hands begin to sweat I just pop out my fingers to cool down.

Shirts for layering. I wear these under my down jacket in the winter. They are the Swiftly long sleeve shirt from Lululemon. I also have these from Amazon. They are a knock off of the Lulu and I love them just as much. The jacket I am wearing is so warm but also lightweight. I don’t think they have it this season and this one is the closest I found. Also this vest is a must for the slightly warmer winter days , fall and spring too.

Anything from here is a great place to start. I love this hat. This tank for warmer weather. This sweatshirt to show off your accomplishments, and this one to show how you got there.

Now for that special woman in your life.

A gift card for Starbucks so she can get one of these adorable Christmas cups before they are all gone till next year.

Danielle Walkers cookbooks are my favorite. I have this one, and this, this, and lastly this one. Yup I think I have them all!! Ha! The puppy in the picture is a good gift idea too. We got her here. She is perfect.

I recently bought this backpack for myself. It is great! Made from real leather, roomy and a space for my laptop.

Happy Shopping and remember to enjoy the moments.

What is the one gift at the top of your list this year?

Do you have any goals planned for this coming New Year?

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