Friday favorites + We NEED to Catch Up

Hey All! Were you surprised to see me in your inbox??

I know! It has been exactly 3 months to the date that I have written anything. Crazy! I plan on sharing why I had to take a break but for now? Let’s just jump right back in with some favorites. Because what else do you do on a Friday?

My old headphones broke so I splurged and got myself a pair of AirPods. I wasn’t sure how I would like them, my biggest fear was that they would fall out while I was running. But I am happy to say they do not fall out even on my sweatiest days!. I also love the fact that I can program them to skip a song! How nice is that? I usually have to pull out my phone (which is hard to do while you are running) now I just double tap my ear! Way to go Apple.

It can be hard when you are Paleo and do any sort of physical activity because of the re-fueling. I am just not able to do any sort of sweetener at all (though most of the time I do anyway), so when I found these gels that are more all natural I was so excited. I am sure I have mentioned them before but they are worth another Friday favorite for sure. I bought the multi-pack this time to give some other flavors a chance. I still really love the mango the best. They are sweetened with either monk fruit or brown rice syrup.

I finally added a decal to my new car and of course it is a running one. This is a magnet which always worked pretty good for me in the past, unless I go through the carwash and forget to take it off :/ What I love about the magnet though is that they easier to remove (obviously) than the sticker ones and for someone like me who is always changing things up that is a plus ++

I signed up for a half Marathon and I am now a month out 4/14/19, and I can already feel my adrenaline through my veins when I think about race day. Yup, there are those butterflies again even as I type. I love having a goal especially with my running and this half in the spring helps me keep myself running through the winter when I would rather be sitting but the fire. ha!

Most of my training looked like this on the treadmill. I put 55 miles on it in February. I got through it with Netflix and my favorite running playlist on Spotify! It looks like the weather is going to start warming up and I am so excited to get outside.

So I did a thing!! I have always loved healthy eating and nutrition. When I graduated high school I went to College to receive a degree as a Registered Dietician, but my lack of finances and belief in myself kept me from graduating with any degree. So here I am so many years later and I thought why not get certified. I enrolled in ecornell (Cornell University online school) to receive a Nutrition and Healthy Living Certificate. I am having fun with it and I have NO IDEA where I am going to end up when I am done. Not having a final destination in my sights is new for me, this time I am going to let God direct my steps and let him show me where He wants me.

My youngest son took over the role of Power Lifter in the house since my oldest went out to College. I just love watching them lift and push themselves to do their best, whatever that looks like for them. I have no idea where they get this super strength to lift the weight but I do know this…. That our abilities like lifting heavy weights and running all the miles , that strength starts in our heads. And for that I will gladly say that I may have passed a little of that down to my kids. Our mental strength doesn’t come because we have no negative thoughts but because we set our minds that we are going to go after our goals DESPITE the thoughts!

At his last meet we drove 3 hours through snowstorm and it was worth it all to watch him beat his own PR (personal record). He is beating PR’s all the way around in his life and I am so blessed to have him as my son.

I went out for a long run yesterday and along the way there were Construction workers doing road work. If I had a sign to describe my life right now this would be it. God has been doing some serious work in my heart these last 3 months (watch your inbox for more on that)

This is my monthly vision board for January. I have learned that sometimes the days and months don’t quite end up like you thought they would and life throws a curve ball. I am now doing my vision board day by day and moment by moment…. It helps me to focus on being more purposeful.

It feels so great to be catching up and I am looking forward to more consistency in my life!! (insert praying hands emoji)

Let’s talk!!

If you had a sign for your life right now what would it be?

Do you have a dream inside of you that needs to come out? Like going back to school? Running a race? Teaching a class? Writing that book? Starting that blog?

What is something you are loving right now?

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  • Im LOving thaT i had a visit with my friend today.

    And yes to all of the above dream questions/statments. School. WriTing. Teaching. All.

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