Friday running favorites + sentence per picture + have you ever done this

Yay! It’s Finally Friday and it is time for some favorites. And today I want to share with you a few of my favorite’s for running. (insert clapping)

I know most women just throw on their running shorts and go, but for me I absolutely love these biker shorts by Under Armour. They hold everything in for me, (I got a booty and it isn’t rock solid, ha), and give me a little extra coverage in the length.

No pockets, no fanny pack and who likes to carry their phone while they are running? Not me. This Speedzter arm band is the bomb! Don’t worry about tan lines, just run hands free. And they have some super fun patterns and colors to choose from.

I am sorta weird, I think, in the fact that I like to match my clothes shoes and accessories (sometimes) when I run. It makes me feel good and I think run a little faster. So when  I found these watch bands on amazon for my apple watch I was so excited! I got 8 bands for less than the price of one band from the apple store. And the quality is pretty good.

My oldest turned 18 and we took a spur of the moment trip to NYC. And she actually agreed to a selfie AND with a filter. win, win!

And as usual when I am in the city we have to go to 5 Napkin Burger. I am not able to eat any grains right now without having a flare up of my Breast Implant Illness so I go for a “lettuce” bun. It was still delicious as always.

With half the family gone, I am in boy mode. So we took a hike and a mountain bike ride

This kid, I swear I can see him doing this same picture when he is 90. His walking stick and mossy rock.

Murphy was hot after running and hiking so he decided that laying down in the mud was a good idea… ugh!

We finally found the perfect recipe for slime. I have officially banned it from my house. 😉 anyone who has gone through the slime making process and clean up knows why.

Fun creative things to do in the summer? Make a hat for your cat. ( he does not look happy)

Because of my food sensitivities I have to buy my own snacks before a movie and sneak them in. Being a rule follower this is hard for me. I am always so afraid of getting caught. Have you ever done that?


Tell me something I don’t know… 

If you have a dog do you take him running? 

What is your favorite movie theater food? Popcorn or candy or both? 

What are your running goals this week? 

Have any food allergies or intolerances that leave you “breaking the rules?”







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