Happy Mother’s Day + 3 Things About Being A Mom

Happy Happy Mothers Day!! To all the mom’s out there!

I have been thinking a lot about Mother’s Day the past few days. Mother’s day is the day we celebrate our mom’s. But I see it a bit different.

When we were first trying to get pregnant we had a really hard time. Things were taking longer than I wanted. A trip to the doctor revealed that we may never have children or have a pretty hard time. So we prayed. Now we have 4 beautiful children.

So for me Mothers Day is about celebrating my kids. The unique qualities they each have that make up all the reasons I love them so much. And the fact that if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t even be a mom.

So today I celebrate them.

Rachel ~ First Born child. Strong. Determined. Goal oriented young woman. Who also has a heart for God. Beautiful on the inside and out. As my first she holds such a precious place in my heart that she may never understand.

Emily. Sometimes quiet. Sometimes sassy. Mixed with a little fire. She has quick whit and can make anyone laugh. Her smile lights up her face.

Jacob. He turns 15 years old today. What a great way to celebrate mother’s day by celebrating him. Inside joke between him an I, he is the “golden child” with a servants heart. He is stronger than he knows and is going to do great things for God one day.

Jeremy George. The forth child and very good at it. He is so full of life and all the moods one tiny human can possess. All my children are a gift but this one is special. He was given to our family to bring joy back into our lives where there was once tragedy. Born on the two year anniversary of my father’s death where he drowned in a car accident. He is a reminder of God’s promises of giving us Joy for our mourning.

These girls are best friends. That makes this momma heart so full.

There are 3 things about being a mom that I don’t think anyone ever told me. Or if they did I wasn’t listening.

  1. I thought that sleepless nights would end when they were no longer infants. Not true. Teenagers are louder than babies. Even with all the ear plugs and noise machines I still have trouble falling asleep. Mainly because teenagers go to bed really late. And well.. I don’t. ha!
  2. You know that amazing love that pours over you when you hold your baby for the first time. Or those times when you just sit rocking your sleeping child and could stare at them for hours. I thought that love was so strong. But, I love them so much more now than I ever thought possible. Then I could ever express with words.
  3. I can not make everyone happy. I had 3 goals every day. Dress them feed them and make them happy. Dressing them and feeding them. Easy. Happy. Not so much. This can be hard for a mom to let go of because who doesn’t want their kids to be happy. I really have to let this one go on a daily basis. My mantra in my head is “I am not responsible for everyones happiness” I’ll let you know when that sinks in. lol.

For all the mistakes I think I have made as a mother I must have done something right to be blessed with these four children I get to call mine. The job is not easy but it is so rewarding.

The days are long but the years are short. And I am loving every single moment.

You only get one middle and I want to live mine well.

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