Have you jumped on the Celery Juicing Train?

Have you seen all the craze about Celery Juicing yet? It has been all over my social media, from how to’s – Facebook cleansing groups. A friend of mine had given it a try also so when I read all the benefits for myself I decided to jump on the Celery Juicing Train and see for myself.

There are many benefits of drinking celery juice. Not only is celery high in vitamins and minerals, but it is also anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and benefits your gut. Celery juice is known to cleanse your thyroid, detoxify your liver and support your nervous system. These are all great for anyone but especially if you suffer from an autoimmune disease.

How to choose celery and juice it too.

When you are shopping for your celery look for green leaves and firm stalks. The darker the green in the stalk, the stronger the celery flavor and likely more nutrition. Whenever possible buy organic due to the fact that pesticides are high.

Prep the celery first by soaking them in warm water with a splash of apple cider vinegar. I cut mine into about 4″ pieces and then push them down through a good juicer like this one.

The clean up is super easy with this Juicer. Everything but the juice comes out the back side into this small bucket and you just toss it out and rinse the rest of the Juicer. Literally takes only a few minutes.

How to Drink & What to expect.

It is best to drink it immediately after waking and should be the first thing that hits your stomach in the morning.

~Wait 30 minutes before consuming any food or drink.

~If it is too biter, cut off the leaves

~An increase in symptoms or fatigue is normal during the detoxing process and will pass.

~It is normal to feel discomfort, bloating or diarrhea in the beginning. It’s detoxing and cleansing. It will pass.

~If it is too harsh, start by drinking 8ounces and work your way to 16 ounces.

My Cons 

I only have 2 cons.

1.The taste-  took me some getting used to but after one week I can tolerate it. I didn’t say like or love, just tolerate.

And 2. – the fact that I have to wait over 30 minutes after I get up to caffeinate myself.ha!

I am not sure if I see any major improvements for drinking the juice. I just recently took coffee out of my diet (send all the prayers) so the fact that I feel amazing could be from the coffee or the Juice. I think both. Either way, I am going to definitely keep the Celery Juice in my daily regimen. It can’t hurt right.

So give it a try and comment with your thoughts. I would love to hear what you think. And if you don’t already be sure to follow me on Facebook and instagram for more daily inspiration and healthy tips.


Tell me all the things… 

Are you a veggie eater? If yes whats your favorite? If no, do you try to incorporate it in other ways? 



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