Healing in the dark

The night before Halloween my son had a Cub Scout meeting and they were playing a game that involved balloons. Jeremy seems to just love the fact that he can now blow them up and tie the end. Let me tell you, there were some rough days of frustration while he was learning this talent, so this is a big deal! lol. Well in one of his efforts to blow up a balloon it somehow popped in his face and like a rubber band being shot, it hit him right in the eye.

I had a feeling when he got home and couldn’t open his eye and even hurt to keep it closed that we had a problem. I told myself if he didn’t sleep through the night I would go to the Emergency room.

The end result was a trip to the Doctor the next morning to find out that he had indeed scratched his cornea, which by the way is very painful, I have had it happen twice myself. No Fun.

Balloon-1 Boy – 0

The doctor placed yellow drops in his eye, shut out the lights and used this blue light (like a forensic investigator at a crime scene) and looked into his eye. She could see what was the remains of a large scratch that had already begun healing. I commented on  how amazed I was at how fast that began,  it had only about been about 12 hours. What the doctor said next really intrigued me. The doctor said “yes they do heal quickly and the healing takes place in the dark”

So in other words the eye heals best when it is closed and resting. When open, it is susceptible to the dirt and germs that can get into it,  always moving, searching, looking, finding. Never resting.

I can relate to the eye. Everyday when I wake up and open my eyes I am also opening my soul. And I too am at risk for foreign objects to make their way in and cause injury and pain. My eyes are always looking, scrolling, searching for the healing I need for the situation I am going through or hurts deep in my soul that I try to fill.

My soul is wrestling, searching for healing, joy and peace. I crave freedom from the things that have held me in bondage for so so long. My soul cries out and yearns for hope, for deliverance.

God reminds me that like my eyes, I too heal best in the dark. In those places that seem too hard to bare God is working and bringing a healing that I would never have found otherwise. When I am feeling alone and isolated, in a dark place, God is working. He takes the dark things in my life and uses them to heal me.

We need to remember that those dark places are the very places God uses to bring healing to our lives. 


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