How I am finding my “Rhythm of Summer” & What that looks like in my life.

What do you think of or feel when you hear the word Rhythm? For me I get the feeling of soft rolling hills. Ease. Contentment. Like a nice deep sigh of “life is good” I love me some Rhythm and Routine. I thrive.. NO! I survive on my routine. In fact when I don’t have an organized day, I’ll admit I feel a bit anxious.

And here comes summer. With all its warmth. Spontaneity. Long lazy(ish) days. And….. basically.. no routine. And I struggle to find my rhythm. My organized flow. How do I maintain my Peace? My Joy? When every night I am left frazzled. Calgon take me away. (okay if you are under 40 you might not know what Calgon is. Bubble bath. And the commercial advertised a woman sitting in a bath after a long day with the slogan “Calgon take me away”) Yup! that’s me. ha! But actually, I just want to sit on my couch watch American Ninja Warrior and say “Chocolate Chip Cookies take me away”.

But seriously how can we find this peaceful, calm Rhythm we crave during the unorganized, unstructured days that summer can bring. (Or if you love the unstructured and feel the need for more routine). Well. I am so glad you asked. Because I think I may have finally figured it all out.

Ask yourself this one question.

  1. How do I want my summer to look? And Feel? For me. My family. My Goals. And What steps can I take to make that happen? (okay. 2 questions)

For me. =I want my summer to feel loose and flowy. I want to let things go more easily while still making time for the things that I really care about.

My Family. = I want them to see me being present in the moment while teaching them to respect my time also.

My goals. = I might have to put some of my bigger goals on the shelf for the summer because they just take up too much mental and physical space for me.

So what does this look like for me and my day and my overall summer. Because, yes, you bet I am gonna still make some sort of schedule and routine so I feel some what normal. ( hello. Enneagram One. I love you)

I make a list of all the things that are important to me. These are the things that I must incorporate into my day. They are the things that fuel me while at the same time help me to stay feeling productive. Feeling being a relative term. For me anyway. If I feel productive, well.. then I am of course! Ha!

  • Take care of my home
  • Protect my morning routine
  • Move my body daily. aka=Running
  • Nourishing my body. – My Soul = God. My body= Whole Food
  • Slowing down>Being Intentional>Being in the moment.
  • Closing the computer/putting down the phone.

No matter what ends up in my planner for the day. When I can check all these things off my list at the end of the day, I consider that a WIN!

And What step can you take to make this happen. Remember. The secret missing piece to achieving your idea of a perfect Rhythm this summer

Wrap it all in Grace. Grace for you and Grace for them.

I pray your summer is incredibly blessed. With all the moments that when added together, make it a memorable one. A summer you can look back on with a smile. Because you CHOSE to enjoy it. No matter what that looks like for you.

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