How I run all the miles + One of my superpower’s.

Hey you! Do you ever just feel like you are not ready? I mean, you drank all the coffee. You ran all the miles you could. But then you find yourself asking… Am I really ready? What if I don’t finish strong? Or worse. What if I don’t finish at all.

I think I did all the right things. Drinking my water 👍🏻. Eating the right foods to fuel my body 👍🏻. Getting enough sleep👍🏻. Strengthening & Stretching 👍🏻. But why do I feel like something is missing?

I get asked a lot, “How do you do it? How do you run all those miles?” Well. Today I am going to share my secret weapon with you. (well, one of them at least.) Ready?

I shift my mindset.

The minute I put those running sneakers on my whole mentality changes. And I have two things that you can implement today to shift your mindset and see success in every area of your life. (this isn’t just for running. ha!)

First: Comparison is the killer of self confidence. Success looks so different for everyone and we need to make sure that we protect that. If finishing a half marathon in 1:30 is someones happy place that is amazing. But equally amazing is the person who is killing it and finishing in 2:30. Telling yourself you are not successful because you are not “as fast” as someone else….. that’s just wrong. An action step you can take right now to make sure you do not fall into this trap is to Change your definition of success. Make sure it is not based on what you see someone else do. For example: I do not define my own success by my speed or finishing time. I am successful because of all the preparation I did. The miles and miles I ran. The days I did it anyway. The sacrifices I made in my diet to stay my strongest. All the things that I did in the middle that brought me to the start line. Now that is success!

Number two: The way you see yourself. This is how I look in my head before I run….

I am ready for battle! I put on my warrior stance because this is a fight. A fight for my sanity. HA! Seriously though. How we view ourselves is 80% of the run. (or the speech, interview, conversation, presentation) Whatever that is for you. Be confident, dress for success and watch the whole world take notice. (or at least your little world)

Where the mind goes the body will follow. Think you can run 13.1 miles. You will. See yourself standing on a stage teaching a group of women (or men) You will. Picture rocking that interview and getting your dream job. Done and done!

I hope you change your mind today. Begin to see things differently. Make your own definition of success. That you realize how important you are and what you do matters so so much. And you believe it.

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