How To Choose Joy Day 5 ~ Look around

It is not always easy to choose Joy. When the day is challenging, the kids won’t nap, the laundry piles up, your teenager rolled her eyes for the millionth time and you just feel like you can never do anything right. Maybe for you it is your job, marriage or finances, whatever it may be I have the answer for you.

Open your eyes and look around, change your focus, move your gaze to God and all the blessings He has poured into your life. I have read and heard people say not to find happiness or joy in the things in your life (material things that is) but I disagree a bit. While it is true that we can not put all our happiness in things we can however shift our hearts to the one who blessed us with those things. In other words if my new car makes me happy that is okay as long as it is because I feel incredibly blessed that God allowed the finances for me to own one. It is as easy as a switch going off in your brain.

Kids won’t nap > Thank you Lord for these kids… ps. Please help them sleep. 😉

Laundry > you have some clothes to wash. Praise the Lord for that. Better yet your washer is in your house.

Teenagers > This to shall pass. Repeat after me. I love my child, I love my child , lol. God I need extra strength.

Job > You have one! If you don’t want it I am sure I could find someone who does.

Shifting our attention takes practice and lots of time to learn the habit of thinking healthy thoughts but it can be done. And there is a promise that goes with it.

Verse: Psalm 34:5 ~ Those who LOOK to Him for help will be radiant with Joy.

Action: Look around you today at ALL the good in your life

Journal: Make a list of  everything in your life that brings you Joy.

I would love to know…

Tell me something good!

me ~ when my cat sits on my lap while I write.














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