How to Choose Joy Day 8 + Joy vs. Happiness + Glimpses of Christmas

Hey Everyone!  I pray you have been so incredibly blessed this week and have found some of my ways of Choosing joy helpful. Let’s talk more about Joy today what it means to Choose Joy and the difference between Joy and Happiness.

Choose: Decide on a course of action; synonyms – wish, want, desire.

Joy: A feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Synonyms – delight, rejoicing, happiness, gladness.

Happiness: The state of being happy; synonyms – pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, cheerfulness, joy and delight.

I think it is pretty safe to say that Joy and happiness are very similar. I have heard it said that happiness comes from things around us, an excitement about an event, Christmas coming, presents, a new house or car, you get the point. So if I were to define Joy I would say it is the knowing that all you have is a blessing from God, complete gratitude and appreciation for life and the things and people around you.

I don’t decorate every nook and cranny of my house for Christmas but I do like to put little glimpses of Christmas here and there.

I found these wreaths at bath and body works the other day and used some green ribbon to hang them up. Also used command strip hooks so I didn’t have to stick a tack in the wall.

This reindeer with his cute tail and the battery operated candle and lantern are from Pottery barn. The picture of my parents is them at their wedding many years later at my wedding.


These stocking holders I got last year and I do not remember where… sorry, maybe home goods I think.

I hope you Laugh more, take time to Worship God, Give Joy to others, look around at all you have to be happy about in your life and accept God’s Mercy!

Share all the things with me I am itching to know!

Which one of the above did you find the easiest to do and the hardest? 

Do you have any favorite Christmas decorations? 

Do you leave no spot untouched or are you a light Christmas decorator?? 

Me: Light, too much clutter stresses me out. 



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