How to reach & maintain healthy goals. + GIVEAWAY DAY!

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Hey You! It is so good to be back here again after taking some time off. As my 2019 came to an end and 2020 began I really knew that God was nudging me to just take the month of January to reset, rest and simply slow down. I don’t know about you but for me I needed the time after the year we had and the business of the holidays. So many times we can be rushing through the holiday and then jump warp speed into the New Year. With all the shiny new goals and aspirations to finally make them happen this year. I have found that slowing down in my first new month of the year is really going to set the tone for the months to follow. It also gave me a chance to really listen to the direction that God wants me to go moving forward.

So… How are you doing with your vow to eat and live healthier this year?

I want to tell you that even if you feel like you really messed up already it is never too late to begin again taking those steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

There are three key pieces that when you put them all together create the healthy Lifestyle so many are looking for. You can not have one without the other and that is why so many fail at being consistent.

  • How you think.
  • How you eat
  • How you move

Exercise. Workout. Hell. lol. Whatever you want to call it. I find it is the place where most people struggle. Time and motivation being the biggest “excuses” You know it is good for you, important for weight loss and maintaining your health but you just don’t know how to stick with it when the excitement wears off.

And today I want to share with you my own personal trick I use to keep me motivated and how you can also reach and maintain your goal to be healthier this year.

I sign up to run in a race.

Now before you close your computer or shut off your phone hear me out.( I am not asking you to start running) Because chances are you do not run. Most people tell themselves they hate it so… yup … they hate it. If you tell yourself something long enough you will eventually believe it. And your actions will follow.

It is not the running that keeps me motivated. It is the goal.

When you have a future goal you are training for it will keep you going. Especially on those days you just do not feel like going for a walk/run or strength training. But you need too. You have a goal.

This is a great way to teach yourself to be consistent with and make time for exercise. It will show you that with a little determination you can make anything happen.

Today I have a great GIVEAWAY for you to help you jump start those goals.

All women. Running/walking in Central Park NYC. This is an AWESOME way to jump start your New Year with your goals to be healthy and move more!! And this year they are adding in a half of a half!! 5.8 mile run! Along with the traditional 13.1 half marathon.

What I love most about the Shape Health Half is that it is a walk or run race. All walking , all running or mix it up and do both. It is your race. You do it however you want!


What you will get:

  • Free entry into the race. April 19th 2020. (valued at $85)
  • A training schedule we will create together based on your current fitness level and time in your day. ( valued at $50)
  • Accountability with me to stay motivated and get moving. (Value: Priceless) 😉
  • *Added bonus. Depending on your location , meet ups to run/walk together.
  • You will be responsible for travel to the race and accommodations

How to enter:

  • Follow me on instagram and find the post related to this giveaway.
  • Tag 3 friends in the comments.
  • Subscribe to my blog!
  • Extra entries when your friends also follow me and subscribe to my blog!!

The winner will be chosen on February 14, 2020. Your perfect Valentines gift for yourself and a friend. Show yourself some love!

I am so excited!! (enter clapping and jumping) for this opportunity!

Good luck!!


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