I Dare you …

I dare you to work on yourself for 6 months. I dare you to shut out the world. I dare you to shut out all the distractions. I dare you to give up everything that is keeping you from moving forward.

I dare you to take a stand and say “No More” No more living by what the world says I am supposed to be. No more procrastination. No more wasted time.

Can I be real for a moment?

I need to slow down. My mind. My pace. My heart. I have been racing through these last 4 months of life after losing Doug. But Instead of running to something , I know I am trying to run from something. It is beginning to wear me down. Leaving me sluggish, lacking motivation. Feeling Frustrated. I have been rearranging the house. Changing furniture. Buying things. Spending time by myself at night watching Netflix and finding comfort in a big bowl of popcorn or whatever I can get my hands on. All to avoid the pain of not having my husband anymore.

I went for a run and this song came on.” I Dare you to be great”. Immediately I felt the Lord speaking to my heart. Karen?

Take Six months off.

From Life. The fast pace. Busyness. Avoidance. Shut off the distractions. All the things you turn to so the pain feels a little bit less.

Stop the scrolling and mindless TV watching. Where you look at what other women are doing. Other widows. Runners. Homemakers. Moms. Using them as your guidepost for what you should be doing. What your life should look like and how you should be moving through your current season.

How should you be showing up?

Shouldn’t we be checking in with God for what we should be doing. What you should be putting your energy into. Where you get your ideas. Direction. Comfort. Motivation. From the one who created you and knows you so intimately. Who has a plan for your life. For good things. For Hope and a Future. Not getting these things from others and how their story (highlight reel) is being carried out.

I dare you!

I dare you to take 6 months off. And slow down… Remove the things from your life that are holding you back. Consuming you. Distracting you. Filling your time.

What does this look like? Start by asking yourself this question.

  • What has been the one thing (or things) that have come into my mind while reading this?
  • Write them down. Make a list.
  • And take the next right step.
  • Delete the apps.
  • Say no where you need to.
  • Keep a journal for these next 6 months.
  • Open your heart and mind to what God is speaking to you.
  • Just be still.

And follow along on my own Journey. My process. Transformation.

Come on! I dare you! Let’s do this together!

Karen xoxo

Comment below and tell me one distraction you are willing to give up and let’s stay accountable to each other.


  • The thoughts that came to me as I was reading this…I remember trying to be so strong…in reality I wasn’t. It took a long-time to realize. I realize now grief is a process. We all deal with it differently, and it’ apart of the journey. I’ve spent this past five years getting to know God better, His grace, His love, getting to know myself, slowing down, while listening to that still small voice, and stepping where I believe He wants me to step. A reminder to be gentle with ourselves as God is…He’s given us Grace for the often painful journey…but in it all…He is with us every step of the way…in every hurt and in every misstep, He is there to catch us!

    God’s speed!

    “I Dare You!”

  • Like a 6 month Lent?! Good Lord that is a challenge, I will need to think about this. We are finally starting GriefShare this coming Monday at our church. Love you!

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