I have a confession/Being Quiet/What I am currently loving/How I am managing my emotions

Hey! First let me say that it feels so good to be sitting here talking to you all again. For me it’s a sign that the fog is lifting and I am beginning to feel like myself again.


I was in a really bad place.

Fall is my second favorite season (the first being the summer, of course) for weather. At the same time it is also my least favorite because of a few tragic events that have either occurred or were revealed to me. It has left me with a bit of PTSD and it gets pretty tough this time of year.

I didn’t guard my heart like I probably should have and everything caught up with me. The social media comparison and taking on to many things. My self talk got the best of me and I began turning to food to fill me instead of going to MY SOURCE…. GOD.

I am still in the middle of it but I am seeing now that I need to practice more self care right now and be very aware of  my thoughts and the things that tend to overwhelm me.

For me self care looks like making time for 3 essential areas. My body, my mind and my social life and tying all three of those together by being quiet and listening for the Lord’s still small voice.


Amongst all the noise in my head from painful past circumstances, I have told myself over and over that “The Fall” is now a “bad” season and not guarding my mind and heart in what can be a vulnerable place for me right now….

I lost my voice…..

Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I even here on this earth to begin with?

I felt so tormented… So I did the only thing I know how to do and that is go to God. I wrote in my journal “God, I do not know how to handle all of this, what should I do?” And you want to know what He said?


I followed His leading and began to get quiet myself. It seemed like every time I opened my phone and went to hit that little icon for my instagram something inside of me felt so unsettled. During the day when I started to plan out that nights “comfort food” to eat while I de-stressed from the day,  that same unsettledness came. God had answered that prayer for direction just not how I thought. In following His leading I am paying very close attention to what I read, watch and who I talk to. I am digging deep into how all these things make me feel and how I react to the world around me. And I am finding comfort in quieting my soul in such a noisy world.


Psalm 34:14 ~ Seek Peace and Pursue it.


In my endeavor for quiet, I have left the comfort of my local Starbucks for a new vibe. Recommended by a friend, I hesitantly took a step out of my coffee comfort zone and I am so happy to report (sitting here now) that I am loving it.


Seek God, stay quiet, be mindful of my eyes {the gateway to our soul} practice gratefulness and a perspective change.

And this oil.

I do not sell essential oils and I wouldn’t say I am a “firm” believer in them. But I would say I am a “light believer”. I was given this oil as a gift from a friend that doesn’t  even know how much I really needed it.


Do you have any new places that you have come across that you never thought you could love? 

How do you find your quiet? 

And what does that look like for you? 




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