Hey Everyone! It has been forever since I have written to you. Pre-quarantine to be exact! I think I have been in a bit of shock and some days I still am. One of the hard things is finding a new rhythm to the day. I don’t think I will have that one figured out but for now I am just running A Lot! And bringing Jeremy with me as much as I can. How about you? Are you finding your new normal? What does that look like for you? I would love to hear!

When this virus came into our country and we were slowly forced out of our normal and into our homes; there was a lot of fear. What I really disliked were the people who would criticize those who were afraid. Especially in the Christian community. Have faith. Just believe. You’re not trusting. I want you to remember , you are a human! God gave you emotions and feelings and He knows you are going to “feel” things. That some of those feelings will actually contradict your faith and belief in God’s word. But that does not make you “bad” or say you don’t have “enough” faith.

You are doing an amazing job!

I have had my moments of fear and anxiety over the last weeks. God has been so faithful to draw me back to His word. For comfort. Peace. Confidence. One of my daily exercises I have added to my quiet time with the Lord is taking the scriptures and rewording them into a prayer.

And I created this worksheet in case you need some help refocusing your fear and building up your faith!


Stay safe. And if you need prayer for anything please make sure to leave a comment.

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Are you going through a new difficult season and finding yourself having a hard time coping? 
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