Leggings, lunch and Zucchini fun

So it actually felt chilly to me this morning when I got up which was a huge change from yesterday afternoon when my car thermomoter said it was 92 degrees.  I welcome the cooler mornings though because it is my preferred time to run and I run better when it is not so hot. I pulled out my long leggings and got to try out my new Lulu lemon running pants. The debate on the way to school was what color they are. I saw purple my kids all agreed they are blue. I just don’t see it. Maybe  I am color blind.









I discovered this deliciousness at Costco on Monday. I don’t typically eat the samples but I love chicken salad so I gave it a whirl. I am hooked and I can not stop eating it! I actually can’t wait until it is gone or the 5 day expiration is over, whichever comes first (but I can almost guarantee it will gone by Saturday )



After I picked up the kids from school we went  to the Chiropractor ……. And we ran into these furry friends. Neither of them came home with us …… yet 🙂










Who says a Zucchini can’t double as a toy gun….. There are no bad guys coming in this house …. lol








When we got home we couldn’t find one of our cats Figaro, aka “figgy”. And he was hiding here. My caption for this picture…….. When you gain some weight but still think you can fit into your skinny jeans 🙂







What are your favorite running pants? Do you have a favorite color?

Ever find your pets in a strange spot?

What is your go to lunch?

Ever bring home a pet on a whim?

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