Let’s make some resolutions + my new favorite quote

Summer isn’t usually the time for making resolutions, but who says you can only make them in January?

Why not make them with every new season that comes?

So here are 3 things that I am resolving to do this summer.

Run all the miles- June left me with a total of 61 miles ran. My goal is to run as many miles as I can in July with the hope of exceeding my 61. By nature I am competitive , but only with myself. When I compete with others it leaves me feeling “less-than” and I get stuck in the “comparison trap”. But with myself I always seem to exceed my own expectations. I still haven’t made sense of all of that but for now it works. The T-Shirt in this photo is courtesy of https://jotandtittledesigns.com go check it out she has some super cute stuff!

Be more spontaneous- I absolutely love having a schedule and being organized. Thats’s why it takes me pretty much a month to get used to my new summer routine. Which is basically not having one!

So I loosely organize my day. On Sunday’s I sit down and write my permanent appointments in my planner and then nightly I pencil in how I would like the following day to look. I want to make room for the unexpected day trips and coffee dates with a friend and really learn to enjoy these unorganized days. The perfect example is this past Saturday my daughter and I decided to take a “spur of the moment” trip to the Jersey shore. We had an amazing day and I actually got to read a book! Miracles never cease. ha! (isn’t that beam from the sky amazing?)

Let the mess go! I don’t mind admitting, I love a clean house. Summers past I would literally spend my days either telling the kids to clean up OR cleaning up after them in a huff because I was mad they didn’t do it themselves. With 4 kids, that left me cleaning something all-day-long.  This summer I am trying my best to not let it bother me and let-it-go.

I decided to designate 3 times a day to “straighten things up”.  At night before bed-I make sure the kitchen sink is “sort-of” empty and the downstairs is in pretty decent order that way when I come downstairs in the morning I have that feeling of “Ahhhhhh” and I feel like I am starting out my day clean. Then after breakfast and lunch I do it again.

And all day I just “let-it-go” I have done a pretty good job sticking to this for the last month. Big high-five to myself! (the picture below is my kitchen after I got home from church yesterday, this took me a while to get in order) Oh!  Also, I don’t aim for perfect , I aim for lived in!

This is my new favorite quote right now. I have lived for so long thinking that my life was average and that I should be doing something with much more impact. But what I am realizing is that not everyone is going to do big things for everyone to see. Some of us were designed to do things that may seem “smaller” but we can give it our all and make it great for us.

What are some “resolutions” you might make for your summer?

Do you have a favorite quote right now?

Do you track your time spent working out? What do you think of the idea?

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  • VEry enjoyable my friend
    ThOse who know you know this is a big sTep in letting it go. Keep up the great joB

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