Message T-Shirts and the friends we make running

Don’t you just love a T-Shirt with a message? Obviously you can tell by the one I wore today, it gets A LOT of wear and tear 😉

This message t-shirt reminds me of all the many  reasons  I love my exercise (especially running). And clearing my mind is #1 on my list, what it does for me not only physically but mentally is amazing.

With four kids (three of them teenagers) I need something to call my own and relieve some stress while I am at it! Because lets face it , who has time for therapy EVERYDAY! 🙂

I have a lot of thoughts , feel things very deeply and I love to talk so for me I hit the pavement, the elliptical or a workout video and thats where I get my clarity.


With Spring finally here I have been making new friends on my runs.

The other day while running, thankfully I looked down at just the right time because otherwise I would have squished this little guy. So cute isn’t he! I have never seen a turtle that small. After a few selfies I put him as close to the water as I could and told him he needed to find his mother, she must have been worried.

And how cute is this furry feathered family… And the way they all waddle together.. OH-MY-GOSH just the best to watch. I sent my husband a picture and told him I would like a pond with geese,  soon please and in this lifetime not the next.


What is the craziest animal you have seen while on a run/walk? 

Favorite motivational quote? 

How many kids do you have? Are you looking forward to summer vacation? 

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