Midweek encouragement

Does this ever happen to you? You are going through life and all of a sudden things take an unexpected turn. Maybe your child (at any age) is going down a path you know isn’t the best choice. You lose your job. The condo you are renting gets sold and you have no idea where to go next. A health scare. And your brain says “Nope! Not doing this. I don’t want to be here”

Yup… Me too!

Yesterday I felt stuck. I hesitantly went out for a 5 mile run and about 2 miles in I was not feeling it at all. It was damp, cold and I was so tired. I love running. I really do. But sometimes in the middle of a run I can find myself in a place I wish I wasn’t in. It was like a switch went off in my brain that said “Abort mission! Retreat! Retreat!”

Now you may be asking why I didn’t just turn around at that point. Abort the mission. Well, something you may not know about me is that I don’t like to give up. (with running anyway 😉) AND , I am working on keeping my word, to myself and to others.

I prayed ~ God, I really want to finish this run, and finish strong, show me what to do.

He answered with one word “Gratitude“….. Aaahhh! Yes!

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you.

Then I put a smile on my face and with every step I thanked Him. My legs that can run. My knees that are healed. My lungs that I can take a breath. For the opportunity to glorify Him with my body. And my list went on. My circumstance didn’t change. It was still cold and damp. But my attitude changed. Then my run changed. I began to feel stronger and faster. Gratitude will empower you to live strong in the middle of life. Gratitude will keep you moving forward instead of stuck by your circumstances.

If you woke up today in a place you don’t want to be in, or your circumstances shift during the day ask yourself ” What can I be grateful for right now in this moment.”

How can I see Jesus even in this?

Moving forward through the middle together,


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  • Love this karen and was on time for me. I Had a rough morning with my kids and iT’s easy to want to soak iN the “feelings”. Gratitude is the key to pressing forward. Thanks for the encouragement.

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