Monday Must Have’s + Our Weekend

Hey Friends! The secret is out! I know you must be shocked to find out that I am a super hero in disguise. The disguise is a “normal woman” suit but that is just to hide who I really am. Not cat woman though… I am wonder woman.. because, well, I am definitely a “wonder” ha!

It was super hero weekend at our church this weekend and I was teaching the 2 & 3 year olds. Jeremy helped me out.. he has super powers too. 😉 It felt so good to finally let our secret out into the open. Yup the Odell’s are super hero’s in disguise. We can leap over health issues with a single bound, have a strength that is out of this world, we “throw” the word of God into the atmosphere and it goes right to the thing where it was sent and doesn’t come back empty handed. Isaiah 55:11; (Reference Thor and his hammer)

Doug and Jacob left Thursday to go hunting for the weekend so It was just me and Jeremy for a few days. It began on Friday night with his first home game of the season and a WIN! If you are wondering which one is Jeremy in this picture…. last one on the right next to the coach… yup… I have no words for this kid!

I don’t know about you but I feel guilty when I take time to sit and do nothing so when the house is pretty much empty, this is seriously where I spent most of my day Saturday…. Hallmark Christmas movies, fire, happy dogs… Jeremy was in his room building his new lego set that took him 3 days! I was in heaven…

I gave this blanket to my sister in law for her birthday… I could have used it Saturday!

Sunday after church we headed to the grocery store. Pretty much every Sunday I run into my Sister and niece. Laurie lives 25 minutes from me and I really only get to see her when I grocery shop. Ha! 😂

Now for a few Monday must haves.

I totally splurged when I bought this back pack! But I am so glad I did! The quality is top notch and I just love the distressed look. It has a space for my lap top which I love, side pockets and lots of room. This will be with me on all my Starbucks working days, you can check it out here. Add it to your Christmas wishlist! You will not be disappointed.

I must have basically anything from Jot and tittle designs (name is soon to change) . Not just for runners but all women who are inspired to set goals, hustle (work hard) and be the healthiest version of themselves. This is my recent purchase, I am so excited for my first cold run to wear this beanie! If you are a new subscriber you can get 15% off of your first purchase.

NO FILTER! I took this picture on our way home from school last week. It reminds me that God is good, He is Good to me and good things are always on the way…… It tells me I must stop, enjoy the small moments and rest where I am right now.

I must have more Sunsets…..

What about you?

What is your super power?

Do you ever run into the same person when you go shopping?

Have a fireplace?

~ I can not imagine not having ours! One of life greatest blessings.

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