Mother’s Day , NYC & Sibling Love

Hey 🙂

My Weekend was actually a very busy one. I’m gonna fast forward to Sunday first.

My two girls, sister, niece and I  went to NYC for the day! I just love the craziness of the City…. for a few hours anyway. Ha!

We took the train and my girls even posed for a picture.

Starbucks is a MUST when in the City, and we stopped for Selfies, I am addicted to these filters! (10 years younger in a flash)

One of my favorite places to eat in the City is “5 Napkin Burger”  The burgers are AMAAAAZZIING, and yes, you need 5 napkins (or 30 if you are like me, hot mess). And that special “Pink sauce” I have no idea what is in it but I need the recipe! NOW!

I saw these flowers all pink and sparkly , so pretty, wish they were mine.

Saturday morning my husband got up early (4:30) to hunt Turkey’s, they kept their distance and he was unsuccessful. The one up close is a decoy and the 3 males in the back are trying to entice her. Good luck boys! 😉

It was also my son’s 14th birthday and his 8th grade semi-formal. It’s like a practice prom, lol. He looked so handsome if I do say so myself!  It rained so we took pictures inside at night…. thats why we have no shoes on, lol.

These two are so alike and so different , this was a rare moment for the camera. Classic sister brother pic.

I came across this quote on social media and thought, yup, this pretty much sums up life with 4 kids.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!


What is your favorite thing to do on Mother’s Day? 

Do you have a funny quote that describes your life as a mom? 

How do your kids get along? Love all around or love/hate? 



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