My 2020 Recap; Part 1

Hey there! I realize we are already one month into 2021, but I wanted to take the time to share my 2020 recap and one of my most important lessons.

January – 10 day trip to the Cayman Islands

February – Valentines Day. Our last.

March – Dougs 3rd Brain surgery

We go into lockdown and a new way of life

April – Passing the time with hiking. I didn’t know it then , but this was Dougs last hike.

May – Nightly bon-fires

June – Homeschooling is coming to an end. It’s going great so far! wink. wink.

Our daughter and niece graduate from High School

July – Running off all the stress

We also celebrated Dougs 58th Birthday with family and friends. 7/11/20

August 6th Doug went back into the hospital due to his health declining. Our daughter left for college the following week. Over the next 6 weeks Doug’s health was up and down.

September 28th 2020. Doug won his battle with cancer when he entered the arms of his Lord and savior Jesus Christ. A sweet and very bitter day for us, as we said our goodbyes.

I learned so much during the 18 months that we, as a family, battled cancer together. One of the lessons I am carrying with me into this new year 2021 is Duality. Woven all through our year was both joy and sadness. Unexpected blessings and the let down of unanswered prayers.

You can have both…

To be continued in Part 2. Coming soon…

Tell me your favorite memory from 2020!

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