New Running Sneakers + Fear-Less + Favorite song to run to right now

I hope you are all having a great, uneventful, stress-free week. Mine could be stressful ripping out hardwood floors and cleaning up after a mini-flood in my house. But I am choosing to change my perspective and let-it-go! How am I doing? I’d say about 80% good 20% freak out. (just being honest here)

Thankfully my house is small so the work isn’t too bad, still very inconvenient though.

So I realized I had not bought myself a new pair of running shoes for quite some time. I typically change every 6 months, thats between 270-360 miles total. I bought Asics again because I just love how they fit me and work with my running style. I have tried to change to a new brand of sneaker before and ended up with terrible shin splints or knee problems so I stick with what works for me. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

I took them out for a short 2.5 mile spin to break them in a bit. And somehow I always end up matching when I leave the house. ha!

I guess I did need a new pair because when I looked on the bottom of the old shoe (right)  this is what it looks like compared to the new one (left). A little heavy footed on my toes, guess I need to work on my foot placement.

The other day when I went for a run I wore this tank top and what it say’s on the front got me to thinking.

How do you read what it says? “Fearless” OR “Fear-Less”?

I used to read it “fearless” (the absence of fear) but honestly, that always left me feeling defeated inside. Why? Because I am not Fearless.

And if I am being truthful, I can really struggle sometimes with fear,worry and self doubt. But God reminds me ,365 times, in the bible it says “do not fear” one for everyday of the year. I believe He knew we would have a reason everyday to fear and He encourages us to trust Him.

Trust in God brings Peace which will always cancel out fear.

My favorite song this week to run to is Glorious Day by Passion. They even have this song in a remix version!

Talk to me! I need to know! 

How was your week? Anything crazy happen? 

What workout song is your go-to right now? 

How do you read the shirt/what is your biggest struggle right now in regards to fear and worry? 


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