Proms, toads, water gun fights + isn’t this Amazing?

My girls went to their Prom on Friday night and man does time go by fast!

My oldest will be graduating and going off to college in the fall, so this was her last Prom. Whoever said “The days are long but the years are short” wasn’t kidding. It does seem like yesterday that she was getting dressed up for her Kindergarten tea and singing me songs. (She’s the beauty on the end)

I am so thankful for the men and women who so unselfishly served our county to defend our Freedom! Their sacrifice was not in vain and will never be forgotten.

Our long weekend was full of activities. Gardening was on the menu and someone made a friend. I would only take the picture, I am not crazy about small creatures that jump, fly or make their own web’s.

It is that time of year again when the Peonies in my garden bloom. As a child I grew up on the same property as my Grandmother. I can remember the rows and rows of peonies she had and the way they would smell when I ran through them. Grandma didn’t like me doing that and I can also hear her asking me to stop. So every year  I cut mine and keep them on my kitchen counter and it never fails when I smell them my eyes start to tear in remembering the beautiful women she was. They are even the same color as hers. 

I just started using this new Hair product line 12 days ago. This is my 10 day difference! I am amazed at how soft and more full my hair is. In fact I love it so much I became a network marketing specialist for these products. 

I am so happy the weather has warmed up and these two boys are out of the house….. A little water fight fun. And I didn’t get caught in the cross fire!

And to end this great weekend… A Red, white and blue Acai Bowl. You can find out how I make mine here.


What is the strangest thing you have found while digging in your garden? 

Did your kids go to prom? And at what age were they allowed to bring a date? 

What is one of your favorite memories growing up? 

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