Race re-cap + my random race thoughts/I felt famous + That felt so good!

Hey you. There is just something about the days following a race. It feels so good to not have to run, and so weird to actually say that. I think running a half marathon is like having a baby. All the hard work. Then the actual race comes. It is so incredibly amazing and hard all at the same time. After you say to yourself, “don’t know if I ever want to do that again”. Then you just seem to forget all the pain of training and the actual race…. and literally find yourself signing up for another one in a few weeks. Okay. I admit it’s not quite like childbirth, but I can say it is because I have had four kids. ha!

Race re-cap: Here we go!

I got up way too early. 4:50. I wanted to feel ready and get there with plenty of time to park. Warm up. Use the bathroom a thousand times. And find the start line. Did I mention I was alone. With 4,000 other men and women. The race started at 8am. I got there by 6:50 with lots of time to spare. I am familiar with the crowds and lines for the bathroom and you always want to get there on the early side. Doug face-timed me to give me a word of encouragement and then I was set.

Some of my random thoughts during the race… without pictures… sorry…

  1. They advertised it as a flat course. It wasn’t.
  2. As I was coming up the first hill I could see about 1,000 people running up it ahead of me. It reminded me of life. When we run up a hill, a hard season in life, we are never alone. There are always people ahead of us. Behind us. And right next to us. I actually think I got teary eyed when I saw and thought this. Why? Cause that’s what I do! ha!
  3. I started to feel the extreme fatigue again early on like I did back in April’s race. I knew I needed to get out of my own head, and fast! I prayed for strength and focus. I kid you not, only a few moments later I ran past a man with Cerebral Palsy. It was then that my perspective shifted. I am not a runner because I am fast. Have a certain body type. Or break records. I am a runner simply because I run. And I have a whole group of people from all walks of life that share my passion and we get to do it together. Sometimes all in the same place.
  4. I had to walk up some of the hills to save my energy for the end. I was feeling discouraged then I got this text from my 15 year old son. They sure do show you they care at the weirdest times.

I snapped this shot of the view and sent it to Doug.

Then I sent him this one right after. Mile 8. It’s a beauty. That look is of relief because I am about to run down a hill. Or fear because I feel like I am gonna die. Maybe both.

Then it came. Mile 11. A Charlie Horse in my right calf! Holy Moly! It was so bad. I had to walk run the last two miles. I still beat my overall time from my last race by 6 minutes… not bad!

Then there it was right in front of me. The finish line. It was so strange not to see anyone I knew watching me cross over. But God was watching and knew just what I needed. Just as I was about to finish the announcer said ” And now finishing is Karen Odell from New York” I felt famous as everyone was cheering me on to the end. Thats what I imagine my first moments in heaven to be like. All the people I have loved that went on before me and those I don’t even know cheering me on as I enter in! And Jesus “the announcer” saying over the loud speaker. “Now entering heaven, Karen, Well done my good and faithful servant” Welcome home.

After the race I decided I needed some relief for my Charlie horse and got a pedicure. That felt so good!

I ended my day with an Acai bowl watching “When calls the Heart” with my husband. If you are wondering what is all over the top? HONEY! And peanut butter. Of course. 😉

This was my 6th Half Marathon. The first two silver medals on the left are the before. The four that come to the right are the after. Before my knee injury and surgery. And after they told me I would never run again. I quote ” I can not promise you will ever run again. But I can say it will never be a Half Marathon” It is amazing what a person can do with a little determination and a BIG God!

Do you love or hate getting pedicures? Feet touched or Stay away?

Have you ever gotten a surprise text from your kids? What did it say?

What do you picture heaven to be like when you first get there?

Favorite Acai toppings? I need to know!!


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