Race weekend recap + Get out of your head/I made a mistake

Hey Everyone! It was a beautiful day in Central Park on Sunday and with almost 7,000 other women I crossed the start.

Doug came with me this year. It was so nice to get away from life and just be alone. ( with the other million people in the city! ha! )

After we checked into the hotel we walked over and I got my race packet at the expo. And I got to hear Jen Widerstrom speak. If you are not familiar she was a coach on the Biggest Loser. Her legs are AMAZING!!!! And the encouragement she gave was phenomenal.

Then it was off to lunch at none other than 5 Napkin Burger. My all time favorite burger place in NYC. Servings for two eaten by one. 😉 lol.

I had not been to the Freedom Tower or the Memorial for the Twin Towers and 9/11. I think my reason for not going is my emotions and how I just knew my heart would feel heavy being there. And I was right. Just standing at the memory pool where Tower One once stood was so sobering. I cried as I watched the water flow over and over into the bottom of the pool and I read the names written on the plaque in front of me. Brave souls who sacrificed so much that day.

The new Freedom Tower is absolutely beautiful. And the view from the Top is breathtaking. We were blessed with a clear sunny day and could see for miles and miles. I highly recommend going if you haven’t already. If I still had little ones I would probably leave them at home until they could appreciate all the history. (Mainly due to the cost per person)

The Statue of Liberty and Elis Island

I slept pretty good that night, which is surprising because I do not typically sleep well if I am not in my own bed. I found this app on my phone that simulates a fan running. I was in heaven!

I laid out my clothes to make sure I have everything ready. I thought the red pants would help me run faster and be easier for my husband to spot me in the crowd.

This is truly an amazing race. Over 7,000 finishers, all women, cheering each other on. It’s not about your speed, strength or when you finish. It is all about the hours of running and training you put in to get here. The times you didn’t want to run but you did it anyway. The days you got out of your own head and pushed past the pain that comes with training. Mainly the mental pain. The negative thoughts can be so loud. Thoughts that you shouldn’t be doing this. Who cares anyway. I am not even that fast. Or strong. That is the hardest part of running.

But you show up. Strong. Ready to prove to yourself that you can do hard things. Ready to cheer on the women running next you. Because we find our strength in each other.

I made a mistake. A couple of weeks before the race I said I won’t be running this particular race again. But after running it I decided I need to conquer it again. The race loops twice around Central Park and boy! I had forgotten how many hills there are in the Park. I did train on the hills here at home but I just wasn’t ready for it. My overall time was not what I had wanted and I didn’t feel strong. That’s okay though because I am going to be SO ready next year!

My 6th medal. But not my last…….

We can all do hard things.

What hard thing will you do next?

Any favorite places to eat in NYC? Or anywhere for that matter 😉

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