Redefining my Hustle + A “little” road trip & My new obsession.

Hey you!! I hope you are amazing today! And if you aren’t don’t forget to say you are anyway. (wink, wink from my previous post)

What do you think when you hear the word Hustle? How does it make you feel? For me the anxiety hits and I get slightly stressed whenever someone says “let’s hustle” or “Get your Hustle on!” Maybe it is the perfectionist in me or the fact that I may (or may not) have a problem with striving.

Either way, this summer I decided to redefine my hustle. My definition. What that looks and feels like for me.

Lets look at the definition of Hustle; from google 😉

Hustle: Verb; Forcing someone to move hurriedly in a specified direction. Push roughly. Hurry. Obtain by forceful action or persuasion. Sell aggressively. Noun; Busy movement and activity.

I had to ask myself a question… Would this be Gods definition of hustle? For me? For His children? Am I supposed to run hard and fast to the goals He has placed in my heart? Take them by force, pushing everyone & everything out of my way?

That just doesn’t feel right to me…. (or like God)

I recently became an ambassador for a clothing company “Jot and Tittle Designs”. An amazing brand that designs t-shirts and accessories to support women on a mission to live their best lives while making an impact on others. A couple of months ago she came out with a tank top that said “Hustle” on it. So cute. But, to be honest I hesitated ordering it because of how I felt about the word itself. ( Not because the style and quality aren’t amazing; because they are)

Then I read Janel’s definition of Hustle and I was intrigued.

HUS-TLE: the tenacity to spend one’s self on a worthy cause; the unwillingness to let fear, failure or fatigue stand in the way.

Proverbs 3:6 says; In everything you do put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

1 Corinthians 9:26 So I run with purpose in every step.

You see. It is not about me. What I am doing. How fast I am doing it. Or if I am becoming a better version of me. I am not rushing to meet some goal. Striving. Stressed out. My eyes on a prize. When I Hustle I have my mind on other’s and what I can do for them. I do it with tenacity while I rely on God for the strength and wisdom to get things done. In His time. His wisdom. Not mine.

This is what “hustle” looked like for me this summer.

REST… Taking time to live intentional. Enjoying all the moments. Listening to what God is saying to me in this season I am in. Pausing. Our lives are going by so fast.. and if we are not careful… we will miss it.

On August 11th I took a “little” road trip to bring my daughter back to college in Virginia. (I still can not believe how fast those 3 months of summer with her went by.) I didn’t take enough pictures. But what I did get was the most important things. 😉

We stopped at Starbucks for some much needed fuel!

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I love the buckets of peanuts. But I have to admit, when I see the shells on the floor…. it gives me mild anxiety.

Acai bowls before I headed back on the long 8 & 1/2 hour trip… by-my-self!!

You don’t see this everyday in New York. Ha! Two sheep going for a ride. I am not convinced they were thrilled about it!

I have a new obsession. Addiction. Okay.. I seriously have a problem! Why did no one tell me how great these are? Plantain chips!!! WHAT!!?? I seriously can not keep them in my house because I will eat them all. No lie. We are talking no self control. At-all! I bought these at Trader Joe’s but you can go to Whole Foods and they sell them in their bins (with the nuts and stuff) for so much cheaper.

Some last words…

Don’t rush. Be intentional. Enjoy the process. Redefine your hustle.

You DO NOT need to be a “better” version of you. God loves and adores you. And if you never changed another thing about you …. He would still love you.. just the way you are.

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  • ❤️Love this: You DO NOT need to be a “better” version of you. God loves and adores you. And if you never changed another thing about you …. He would still love you.. just the way you are.

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