Running t-shirts and a New Tattoo

I love going for a run or working out in something that inspires me . And this shirt from Active Faith Sports img_5504does just that. I actually feel stronger and faster when I am dressed in something I love and what an added bonus if it matches! 😉







Now the next order of business….. My new Tattoo! I am in love with it!








I have learned a lot about myself through the process of thinking about it and actually doing it.

The one main thing I realized was that I am way to concerned  with what people think of me and I let their potential opinion dictate to me my decisions.

Thats  why the meaning of this tattoo is so special. I am more than what other people think of me. I am not just “enough” or “good enough” I am more than enough!!!!!

And no the tattoo doesn’t make me more than enough. But it is because Jesus Christ is living on the inside of me and this tattoo is a constant reminder to me of that. The permanent mark that I thought my parents , my choices, and others left on me and my soul is now replaced with the permanent reminder that I am more than all of that. That I put my faith and trust in a God who is ‘More than enough” for me! And it is only because of Him that I am where I am today.

So I wear my new tattoo proudly. more than enough. (period) (no if’s and’s or but’s) or as my dad would always say “no ya buts!” nothing anyone does or thinks about me, nothing I do or how I think about myself can change what God’s word says about me.

Do you have a tattoo? If so what is it and what does it mean to you? 

If you don’t have one and could what would it be? 

What are your favorite running or workout clothes? Do you have a favorite color you like to wear that motivates you?


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