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I finished out March with a total of 75 miles, up 20 from last month and most of them were outside. I am pretty happy about it. (squinting big time! I am so glad to be outside in the sun)

I know there was recently some controversy about someone coming into Starbucks, not ordering coffee but wanting to sit and work. (I am not exact on those details) Please correct me if I am wrong. 😉 But I thought this was funny.. especially for us true die hard Starbucks lovers. I was sitting working and studying and in comes a guy, sits down to work, with his Dunkin Donuts iced coffee!! (insert shocked face emoji) Shouldn’t that at least be against the rules?

We had a beautiful sunset the other night. And I also captured our last patch of snow! All the clapping and jumping up and down over here.

I realized that my half marathon in 2 weeks has many hills (Central Park) and I am not sure if I am ready so I ran up this hill. Well, actually the first time I walked up it. The second time I ran up stopping twice to rest and the third time I ran straight up…. very slow.

This is the uphill view.

I really enjoy watching American Idol. Am I the only one who cries? Every time I watch it? Seriously though! Those stories get me every time.

I used this go-go squeezer on my long run Saturday. I thought it would be a great healthier option instead of the gels that have so much sugar added. I didn’t like it. It bothered my stomach after and made it hard for me to enjoy my run.

My daughter goes to college in Virginia. Last weekend she went away with some friends to Washington DC. I have never seen the Cherry Blossoms in bloom. EVER! But wow they look amazing. I am adding this to my bucket list for sure.

I came downstairs the other morning and was greeted by this. Aren’t they so cute? (Now don’t worry about the gun in the picture. It is my sons Pellet Gun. ) ha!

Tell me something?

Do you incorporate hills in your runs? If so how often?

Are you a cryer? Commercials? T.V shows?

Still have some snow hanging around where you are?

Have any goals for the month of April?

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